Why You Might Want To Wait Until 2016 To Buy 'Fallout 4'

Forbes: I’ve put my time into Fallout 4, and there’s little question for me: Fallout 4 is an amazing game, and well worth $60. Bethesda, true to form, has crafted a deeply engaging world worth dozens of hours of gameplay. But there’s little question about another fact as well: as good as the game is right now, it’s only going to get better later. It’s a side effect of the Internet connected console that any game’s least polished day on the market is its first. And so, we wonder whether or not to buy Fallout 4 now, or to give it some time.

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thorstein1094d ago

That was exactly what I thought once I saw the source. Too funny.

Silly Forbes, games are for thinking people.

freshslicepizza1094d ago

yet how many times have we read comments about the new tomb raider and people saying they will wait for the definitive version? fallout 4 by comparison will have way more bugs and patches as well to iron out.

one only has to look at the game the witcher 3. look at how much content has been added and how many times it's been patched.

Stringerbell1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

Actually the guy is right at least from a PC perspective. Come back in a years time there will be a whole bunch of patches, enhancements and some decent mods that boost it from a game play and visual perspective.

My backlog is becoming a cruel mistress anyway, I can wait.

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iNFAMOUZ11094d ago

the game runs flawlessly, man yall outta be ashamed of yourselves to the ones who put fallout 4 down, this game is a master piece, both in visuals, and gameplay, if your having issues, chances are you dont have the right drivers, or you have too much internal problems caused by illegal stuff or porn, or your system just sucks

showtimefolks1094d ago

Games I need to play or finish before I will pick up fallout 4

Witcher 3 need to finish
Mad max need to finish
Batman need to finish
Bloodborne need to finish. So hard
Mgs 5
Wolfenstien the old blood

So while it's really difficult to not be playing fallout 4 right now, I am still gonna wait and probably pick it up in 3 months to a much better experience

But that's a lot easier said than done since I am a huge fallout fanboy lol. Hopefully Bethesda will fix some of the major bugs sonnet rather than later

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opoikl1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

Same here.

Yoshi's Woolly World
Walking Dead Season 2
Resident Evil HD Remaster
Ori and the Blind Forest
Forza Horizon 2
Sunset Overdrive
Halo 5
Everybody's gone to the Rapture

My head starts spinning if I think about all these games I need to finish. And I'm just about to drive to my local gamestore to get Star Wars Battlefront. Owning three consoles creates first world problems, people.

showtimefolks1093d ago

Yeah its smart to wait Atleast 3 plus months and see how quick Bethesda are at patche their history suggests we might be waiting a lot longer than 3 months for some patches

I think Cd project red spoiled me at how they kept releasing patches. I would like to hear from Bethesda about their plans for patch support

Artemidorus1094d ago

Will consider Fallout 4 after Christmas.

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