Opinion: Call of Duty still hasn't gotten co-op completely right

Call of Duty developers have a woefully consistent lack of confidence in co-op multiplayer which is becoming harder to ignore.

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Nate-Dog1091d ago

I don't even think split-screen was great on Black Ops 3. One of the main reasons I bought it was to try it with my girlfriend but everything on screen is way too small, any writing (on any of the prompts for zombies, for example) is so unbelievably small unless you have an enormous TV that you can't read any of it. Then again perhaps these are the woes of someone without a 50 inch screen.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1091d ago

Funny you would say that, I have the same problem when playing with my roommate on a 50 inch, it doesn't get much better.

Button prompts I can read, but spotting enemies hiding is tricky. I think it's just the fact that previous games on split screen weren't as high def so things are made to be bigger so we can see them on small screens. Not sure, honestly, hopefully they fix that issue.