Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition Unboxing

COG writes - We got our hands on the uber rare Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition, and our own Stephan sat down to share the unboxing experience with the world. This is one handsome special edition.

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Paulhammer1094d ago

I know very little about this series, but this package makes me pretty interested in trying it!

N4g_null1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

Wow I must have that book.

I can't imagine what their nx project will look like. The snes/ps2 days are coming back!

GrapesOfRaf1094d ago

I like that the soundtrack is on a usb. Man I need a Wii-U...

Neonridr1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

Got this on order.. can't wait.

The only thing that would have made this nicer is if they made the art book a hardcover. Not a big fan of soft covers due to the ease of wear and tear.

Paulhammer1094d ago

As the guy who shot the video, I can confirm that this is one of the higher quality soft covers I've seen. Pretty heavy weight, and a nice matte finish.

Neonridr1094d ago

thanks for the clarification there.

MzDino1094d ago

Awesome unboxing! Made me consider actually getting the SE.

Digital_Anomaly1094d ago

Good luck finding one! Super scarce!

smashman981094d ago

I've had this preordered since the day they announced but out of boredom I checked to see if it was available anywhere and the first place I checked ( had them available for preorder

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The story is too old to be commented.