Star Wars Battlefront DRM Limits Install to 5 Hardware Changes

GamersNexus: "In the case of Star Wars Battlefront, the game is limited to five hardware changes until it locks users out, stating: 'Too many computers have tried accessing this account's version of Star Wars Battlefront. Please try again later.'"

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Activemessiah1124d ago

This probably won't end well...

stuna11124d ago

It probably shouldn't end well considering people brought the game! This is 1 of the reasons gamers were in such an uproar when Microsoft announced their plans with DRM and the Xbox1.

Microsoft didn't get a free pass and neither should the developer of Star Wars.

If this is allowed to go unchallenged it will set a precidence and more than likely others will try to follow this route. Before we know the limit amount will get smaller.

If any article needs to hit 1000º it's this one!!!

If someone purchases a game it is, and should be theirs no matter how many times they change/upgrade their hardware.

But in retrospect we also have to look at the fact that they were fully onboard with Microsoft DRM plans.

WildArmed1122d ago

It's funny because didn't EA make Origin to push DRM in the first place?
Why do they need another form of DRM other than just use Origin (much like Steam).

EA just does too much stupid shit these days.

Truthandreason1122d ago


Yo dawg, we heard you like DRM, so we are gonna put DRM (activation limits) on top of your DRM (origin) and the we'll make it online only, which is basically another form of DRM in itself!!!

3-4-51122d ago

How can EA get something SO Right with Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, and then get other things so wrong ?

lelo2play1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

A game that costs 60€ on the PC, that should cost 20€, and limits install to 5 hardware changes?

There are a lot of stupid gamers out there that don't mind mind paying full price for this game.
For being so stupid, gamers get what they deserve.

annoyedgamer1122d ago

Its EA anyone expect different? Want to upgrade your PC? Better buy the game again...

paul-p19881122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Am I the only one that doesn't see the problem in this? Game sharing tends to be between 1 or 2 close friends/family members, 5 activations is more than enough.
I would also assume that you can deactivate 1 of those activations if necessary (hardware upgrades, HDD crashes etc) and then reactivate it on the new set-up.

This is just to stop piracy...well, I say stop, I mean postpone it for a bit before someone inevitably makes a crack or finds a way around this anyway and then everyone will all be playing the same exact copy lol

SegaGamer1122d ago

So what if your PC goes wrong, or if you want to upgrade ? We should be able to install this game whenever we want, as often as we want. It's not about piracy at all, hackers will get around this problem with ease, it's about EA once again finding another way to rip off their customers.

paul-p19881120d ago

Like i said in my original comment, you could deactivate the installs. I went through a couple of PS3s and gameshared with some friends, so when it went over the 5 activations i was allowed i just deactivated the old installs and activated all the live consoles. No problems what-so-ever!