Halo 5: Guardians Battle of Shadow and Light Update is here

By 343 Industries:
The Battle of Shadow and Light Content Update, our first drop of free content goodness for Halo 5: Guardians, is now available. The next time you log in, you will be prompted to download this update.

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spicelicka1098d ago

I'm ready for this battle!

1098d ago
Tobsesan1098d ago

Played 10 games with 6 Friends and i have to say it is really unbalanced since noone at this point is ranked and i play as plat vs onyx and champions which gets us a lot of loses. I hope it is fixed in a few days but as it stands right now its no fun at all....

phantomxll1098d ago

Because you're losing???

GearSkiN1098d ago

Lol most of those rank doesn't really show the actual skill of players... Got a friend who just start playing halo for th e first time and got onyx on some playlist... Maybe you just need to find ppl to play to have fun or play smarter.

Meatyboy1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

Oh god 343 please fix this game so this man can win! Please stop what you're doing and spend all your time and resources making sure this guy is put in a game where he wins.

Saying it's unbalanced is so ridiculously stupid I cant even explain. But I will try right now. So remember when Germany won the world cup in football 'soccer' was it because the game of football was unbalanced? Did Brazil complain to fifa that they lost too much and that they should fix it? I ooohhhh myyy god! And now I'm whining at someone in a forum whining about a video game. I should kill myself. Love you all. X

PigsR4Eating1098d ago

Tobsesan is 100 % correct, the matchmaking is broken. There is a wide range of players from beginners and players who are terrible to pros. Matchmaking exists so players of comparable skill can be matched together so everyone can have a chance to get kills and have FUN. beginners don't want to get killed at every engagement by pros and pros don't want to kill new players every game and not be challenged. Also if an opponent is far enough above you skill wise you tend to not learn anything if they nearly insta kill you. We can hope that 343 irons out the matchmaking, I don't know why that hope offends you. I am referring specifically to halo 5. My point of reference is that this is the first halo 5 game I genuinely suck at and I am honest about that. But I also know that part of the problem is the players I get paired with are much better than me. I don't know about you but I play games to have FUN. I don't need to have my team win every game but i do have an issue when matchmaking poorly places me and I end up hurting my team. I should also point out that I am referring specifically to Arena. Meatyboy you seem like an asshole, so i wanted to chime in!

Tobsesan1097d ago

I never said im a good Player, i just want the matchmaking to be fixed. Playing vs Champions is just stupid and no fun at all.

3-4-51098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

@ Tobsesan - How can you complain ? You, playing with friends gives you a huge advantage and you are still losing ? O well.

You learn from your mistakes, assess what you did wrong, fix it and go at it again.

It's called LEARNING. Try it sometime.

The first 10 matches are just placement.

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trywizardo1098d ago

hope more studios will learn how to fix their games like 343
*looks at DICE and Bungie*

GearSkiN1098d ago

Wouldn't consider them two that bad of a company...some can be worst than them... I find them fine.

But what 343 is doin is good keeps the updates coming.

Meatyboy1098d ago

Dice? You mean that same developer which is still putting out regular updates and even free content for a game over 2 years old?

Meatyboy1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )


I actually like all 3 of those developers btw but to say 343 are great at fixing their games must be a joke. Do I have to say it? MCC? 6 months of unplayable trash? A giant fist up the are of the halo fan base? Ring a bell?

'Hope more studios learn how to fix their games like 343'

'Hope more studious learn how to fix their games like 343'

Hope more studios learn how to fix their games like 343'

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