Black Ops 3 Double XP for MP and Zombies Starts Tomorrow

The very first double XP event for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is kicking off soon. Treyarch announced the event today. Confirmation is currently only for next-gen consoles and PC. Times and dates have not been released for PS3 or Xbox 360.

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MetroidFREAK211122d ago

I'm hoping to hit level 30+ 2nd prestige with this double xp :)

Master-H1122d ago

Time to prestige, boys.

Skate-AK1122d ago

Nice. My buddy that lives with me just hit prestige 4 so this will give him a big boost. He has been killin the game.

FITgamer1122d ago

A friend of mine has no-lifed his way to prestige 5 lvl 30 already. It's ridiculous.

Skate-AK1122d ago

I wouldn't doubt it. If you look at the leaderboards there are already some Master Prestiges with 7 days played.

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