Fallout 4 is Unacceptable on PC

Don takes a look at the numerous issues that are specific to the PC version of Fallout 4, and why he thinks that means Fallout 4 isn't in an acceptable state on PC.

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Crimzon1034d ago

Bethesda games are usually released in unacceptable states on all platforms, it's a shame that it hasn't affected their sales.

TFJWM1034d ago

I don't know if I'd say its unaccetable but for the amount of time they said they were "polishing" it, it is still rough in a few places.

The sad thing is if you go with a melee or VATS build you might as well play with a controller cause the interface works better...

Immorals1034d ago

Compared with Fallout 3,this game is polished more than Patrick Stewart's head!

Aeery1034d ago

Probably I'm just lucky, but I haven't any problems on PC (even with some mods installed) and the game so far is pretty amazing.

Back to play this game.

TFJWM1034d ago

@Aeery What Mods do you use?

I haven't had any issues either and I'm loving it atm. Im only 30 hours in and still havent made it to Diamond City... too much stuff to do lol

Thunder_G0d_Bane1034d ago

I'm playing on pc at ultra no issues at all.

Mega241034d ago

So I'm somehow ended up with the best version I guess. Only two bugs have been present on my now 80 hour playtime. One of them is a know real issue, the Kidnapping at Greentop nursery. Which is real easy to bypass on PC.

Genova841034d ago

He barely touched on the bugs. It was mainly how the game and its engine are a technical failure. Some people, like me, care more about that than others. 4k, 144hz, fov slider, sli-xfire, key rebinding, etc. Lots of issues.

LgbtWarrior1034d ago

Don't play on pc. Solved.

Genova841034d ago

... pc still > ps4 > xbone.

Let's get real.

wakeNbake1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

Ouya > all

Let's get real.

Elit3Nick1034d ago


Tests have shown that both consoles run the game more or less identically, with both versions having frame rate drops at different places. With my R9 390 I get frame rate drops down to the mid 40s in areas with lots of buildings.

Let's get real.

Genova841034d ago

Very well thoughtout article. Thanks. I already passed on day 1 for obvious reasons, but this seems like it'll be a late 2016 purchase for me.

I did't see it in the article, but xfire and sli is currently broken too ... very poor sgowing indeed.

Defiantmac1034d ago

I'm roughly 12 hours into the game and haven't experienced any problems yet besides a texture glitch. All I had to do was reload the game and everything was solved.

Compared to most multi-plat PC launches this game seems to actually be in relatively good shape.

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The story is too old to be commented.