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Bit Cultures writes: As a gamer who almost explicitly gets his enjoyment from long, story-driven RPGs, I’ve felt kind of left out this year. All this talk of Fallout, Halo, and Battlefield left me wondering if I would get a game that I could totally nerd out on and just lose myself in for hours. I had played only one Tales game before, which was Tales of Symphonia on the GameCube way back when I was still a teenager. I remembered that I liked it, so having seen that Zestiria was coming out on Steam, I pre-ordered it on a whim. They were offering some special deal where you could get Tales of Symphonia for the PC for free if you pre-ordered Zestiria, and how could I refuse that?

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Rikuson11121d ago

Probably the best review for Zestiria I've seen nice read.

Lng1010101121d ago

Gee, review sounds like it was written by a guy who's played fewer than 5 JRPGs.