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Neil writes "Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix and Lara Croft herself are back, with a story that tells how the delightful Ms Croft became obsessed with raiding, and exactly why she is now the kick ass bitch she is!"

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Rookie_Monster1096d ago

Well deserved. Best single player game I'd played this year...maybe this gen.

XanderZane1096d ago

Yeah, they nailed it. The game is awesome.

sammarshall1021096d ago

I haven't had any dull moments with this game, the pacing and everything is so well put together

ninsigma1096d ago

The pacing is superb I very much agree with you there. It's an extremely fun game to play. Is it me or is the combat more difficult than the last??

sammarshall1021096d ago

@Ninsigma I had a more difficult time in shoot outs but sometimes things in the environment can help you like those can bombs or shooting lights to catch enemies on fire

ninsigma1095d ago

Yeah, I've found myself trying out different things, making molotovs etc on the fly. The way they have made the aiming mechanics kinda forces you to do different things because it's quite difficult to just pop up and down and aim at the next enemy. The aiming is very heavy to do that I feel. Not a bad thing, just what I've observed. It makes it quite engaging in fact!

oKidUKo1096d ago

Sounds bloody superb, Lara at her best.

Kingdomcome2471096d ago

It's soooo good. Surpassed my expectations.

NotAFanboyyy1096d ago

I am only about 12 hours through, but it's incredible so far. Really shaping up as one of the year's best games for sure. For those who are waiting for it to come to PC or PS4, you guys are in for a treat.