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Some games are driven almost purely on fan-service, and this is undoubtedly one of them. Everything from fighting on Hoth to hearing the occasional Wilhelm scream has been crafted to entice nostalgic memories of the first Star Wars trilogy. This is hardly a bad thing of course, but what DICE seems to have forgotten is that you need real mechanical substance beneath that, something which Battlefront is sorely lacking.

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PreAtaric1121d ago

Wow these low scores really surprise me. The game is more than solid mechanically, and it looks/sounds incredible. In my book such a game gets no less than a 7, but that's my book. *shrug*

Dynasty20211121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

It's because >50% of the game is locked behind a ridiculous DLC paywall.

There's only 3 modes worth playing in the base game.

It's extremely shallow, and is a $30-40 game, not a $60 one.

"Oh we're not going to kill your wallets with microtransactions", oh yay!

Yeah, like 1 $50 transaction for the main bulk of the game is somehow not worse than 10 $5 transactions?

Sod off EA and anyone dumb enough to buy into this game.

People are defending the game because they're riding the new-game-and-Star-Wars hype train.

Give them 2 weeks and they'll realize how bored they are.

People have unlocked every card in the game available in less than a day - that's pathetically short, there's nothing left to progress for already.

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spicelicka1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

I agree with 7 and I agree it looks and sounds incredible. But as the article says there's no real substance. The review itself makes a lot of sense but I think these low scores are punishment for charging $60 for a $30-$40 game and then $50 for DLC, because that's ridiculous.

I kinda have to agree, it's becoming a trend lately and we have to let them know it's not acceptable.

Wallstreet371121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

I'd give it a solid 7. Graphics look great but its expected given no SP and the scope of the game overall isnt huge. They had a change to focus and add a nice paint job to the only aspect they were offering and that is online MP.

Im having a blast playing supremacy. The Endor level (i think its called) is beautiful with its lush vegetation and trees. Supremacy has all out 40 player battles and performance on Ps4 is solid for me.

This game imo is worth 40 dollars in regards to content but in regards to fun factor it might be well worth that because i can see myself putting tons of hours into this game everyday. Its just mindless, shooting fun!


guess we were posting out comments at same time and you reviewed it how i would.

Rookie_Monster1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

I have decided to put aside the $60 for AC Syndicate and Just Cause 3 when both are on sale this Holiday that I'd previously reserved for Battlefront. At least those 2 games have hours and hours of gameplay and no $50 DLC at launch. Glad reviewers are not giving this game a pass due to it being Star Wars.

Wallstreet371121d ago

So let me get this straight...

I know Ac Syndicate seems to perform better than the last AC but your ok with supporting a company that that makes buggy glitched out games?

Also i see you glowing about Tomb Raider but its basically an SP game with no MP. Campaigns are basically cut and dry once you beat them with little replayability, however mp experiences are more dynamic and replay value is high.

Im saying this because you said "at least those two games have hours of gameplay" if anything Star Wars probabably has more replayability than Tomb Raider being it has an mp focus.

Hey i respect your opinion but the hours of gameplay threw me off.

Reviewers arent giving this game a pass but they have given other games a pass that dont deserve it. Titan fall got a pass with no SP. Halo 5 got a pass with weak sp but good MP. Starhawk years ago got hammered for weak tutorial campaign but had a good mp. COD get passes with weak campaigns and regurgitated multis (although aw campaign was good).

Reviewers are very bias at times and dont hold to their metric of reviewing to all games, thats obvious.

I agree that 50 dlc is atrocious and i wont be getting it.

bligmerk1121d ago

Really wish EA would stop wrecking the whole Battlefield and Battlefront franchise. We all knew microtransactions would eventually ruin some game franchises. If they started accepting bitcoin or other electronic currency, then you could cash in K/D or salvage or loot for microtransaction perks. Somebody is going to figure out a way to do this securely and that will change things up.

Hugos1121d ago

Like in every game, its no mather that is CoD or Battlefield, Battlefront, every MP game has a modes where players will be always and there're modes where we can wiat hours and no one will come to this mode. I think that DICE want make too much and made many average modes, where only few can be very good. I think that upcoming Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 will have one good and big SP campaing and just few MP modes. That will hold the balance between good and contrived.

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