Worthplaying Review: Journey to the Center of the Earth

WP reports:

''Journey to the Center of the Earth is an Nintendo DS-exclusive title, which is peculiar since movie tie-in games tend to be released for every platform known to man. It plays out as mostly a 3-D platformer, albeit not a very well-designed one. You take on the role of any of the three main characters from the movie - Hannah, Sean or Trevor - and you can switch between them at any time. Each has his or her own uses, which the game makes sure you use frequently; Sean can climb walls, Hannah can throw rope, and Trevor can plant explosives as you hop around the levels that actually look pretty good for a DS game.

Switching between the characters is an easy task, but other than their skills, there's nothing to distinguish them. None of the characters have any personality, all play exactly the same, and there's no reason to play as any of them other than occasional moments where you need their skills. All the characters look like a low-end Nintendo 64 game, and they only barely resemble their movie counterparts.

They sound even worse. Hearing the sound effects each character makes is the only reason I would ever change characters. The sound design in Journey is abysmal and reaches the point of being so bad that it's good - during the first few levels, anyway, and then it starts to get on your nerves. You'll laugh at just how bad the sound effects are. The sound of a sword flying through the air is clearly someone saying, "Whoosh" into a microphone. The three characters' death cries have to be some of the least menacing death cries of all time.

Faring slightly better but still quite horrendous is the soundtrack. While it's very clear that the developers were trying to create an epic-sounding soundtrack, all you get is a minute-long loop for each stage that either goes unnoticed or becomes annoying enough to turn down the sound.''

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