Idris Elba Stars In Awesome Live-Action Trailer for Rainbow Six Siege, Open Beta Announced

EB: Ubisoft has released a new live-action TV spot for Rainbow Six Siege, which drops December 1, 2015 for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 platforms. The commercial stars Idris Elba, and quite frankly it’s amazing, which I didn’t expect to think after receiving the press release for it. I thought it’d be another gimmicky spot like the live-action spots for other big franchises such as Call of Duty, and it’s a bit gimmicky, but the action taking place throughout it is radical to say the least. It really does a great job at highlighting what Rainbow Six Siege is all about.

It was also revealed that there will be an open beta for the game starting on November 25 and running through the 29th on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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gangsta_red1124d ago

Nice. Seems a lot of these game company's are employing the same type of commercial style. Black guy walking through a live action filled representation of the game calmly narrating what's going on.