Assassin's Creed Syndicate - PC Gameplay On Ultra High Settings

The frames per second average around 30-42 on non combat and small areas. When there is combat i dips down to 27-28 fps. If there's a lot of stuff in the background i will go down even further to 20-25 fps yes its not a typo i will go all the way down to 20 fps on some scenes. The texture on this game is really good but nothing to impressive. At times the game play will get a joggy to the point where it will affect the way you play it. The environment looks great and the flied of view of the game can be seen far and wide. The animation could have been better at times it will glitch and do the animation way before you hit the guy. Cinematic are pre rendered and look way worst than the actual gameplay they have a little bit of noise that will distracted you from the storytelling but no frame drops at all during the cutscenes. Overall its an OK port with quite of few flaws to be worked on and patched. It's definitely not worth $60 dollars i would wait until its on sale for $30 or less.

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DarkOcelet1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

Great, another $hitty PC port for Ubisoft. It is still better than Unity though. But it still needs alot of optimization.

They should have waited until all the issues in the game are fixed before releasing it.

RedDeadLB1093d ago

The Ultra High preset is taxing as hell.
On my stock 970 the game started just fine in the intro level, 60-80fps inside the factory with FXAA, but as soon as the doors to the outside opened, BAM, 30-35fps.

Turned HBAO+ Ultra to just HBAO+ and PCSS Ultra to just PCSS and voila, instant 20fps boost. They actually did an okay job for once. Didn't go into the nitty-gritty (CPU, GPU usage), but performance is better than expected, to be honest.

_-EDMIX-_1092d ago

? do know maxed out on ultra will make such game hard to run on MOST gaming PC's right?

Example. Witcher 3, on ultra, everything turned on, 4k needs two GTX 980s in SLI and even then it averages just a little below 60fps, most times around 50 or 48fps. I don't think you fully get what your watching. Nothing is wrong with the title from what I've seen, that is indeed how demanding next gen PC titles actually are ,especially in 1080p or 4k on ultra maxed out settings.

DarkOcelet1092d ago

The problem is that the game visually doesn't look much more impressive than Unity and it isn't as taxing because it doesn't have a huge amount of NPC's at once.

Also the frame drops are weird. From 50fps to 20fps is unacceptable.

_-EDMIX-_1092d ago

"The problem is that the game visually doesn't look much more impressive than Unity" ? How is that a "problem"? Its running on the same engine, its going to look similar. Unity is an amazing looking game and I see no problem with Syndicate looking the same.

Psychotica1093d ago

"i will go down even further to 20-25 fps yes its not a typo i will go all the way down to 20 fps on some scenes" - If that's not a typo I guess the question is why are YOU running so slowly?

Genova841093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

Is this an actual article? I can't open the link.

1. What are your pc specs?
2. What resolution are you running at?
3. What was your average FPS?
4. What was your 1% minimum?
5. What was your .1% minimum?

If you can't answer, or don't answer these questions, you have no business writing benchmark reviews.

Also, I will say you're writing isn't "too" impressive ...


6. Are you playing on "ultra" or "high"? I haven't seen an "ultra high" setting in any of the games I've played. Is this some sort of super setting?

Meltic1093d ago

He is right. Saw an gameplay on Youtube a guy with a GTX titan and he got like 30-40 fps on ultra settings. Allso he mentioned that he's computer fans was very noisy when played the game due to high GPU Power. Hope they will fix that.

Genova841092d ago

Do you pc? They make after market coolers, some liquid coolers, that are whisper quiet even under full load. They aren't cheap, but they're awesome.

Also, if he's playing on ultra in 4k, 30-40 fps sounds aboit right for 1 gtx titan. I have 2 980tis. I would settle for nothing less than 60 fps with my setup. I will wait for some true benchmarks. I don't trust yahoos on youtube ...

Plagasx1092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

I'm done with AC games on PC. Last one that ran well was Black Flag. It all went to crap after.