EA says PS4 and Xbox One 'nowhere near' peaking in this console-cycle

Companies like EA believe there is a long way to go before we see this generation of gaming hit its peak.

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AudioEppa1122d ago

But 2018? 😏

For those who may be confused, that's the year some people keep saying new platforms are getting released lmao

I don't think people understand just how many games are still in development for current gen, we still got a long journey ahead.

Hoffmann1122d ago

It will peak in 2017 already, because Final Fantasy VII and Shenmue III and maybe Kingdom Hearts 3

SmielmaN1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

But peaking means full market penetration. That's when they have reached 80-100 mill consoles sold (per brand). After that it's possible that sales stagnate and have pinnacled. A brand can try to get a head start on the others or avoid similar release schedules (i.e. Nintendo). But we can be assured that MS will try to get their one year head start again as that was their most successful console and led to their current position in the market. So while we could see t he PS4 hang around a long while with multiple models, it's most likely going to coincide with a disc less X1 and then the X2 for a holiday season 6mths to 1 yr before we see a PS5 release. EA is right on the money

Edit: and I gave you an agree click because those games are huge and it's not a ignorant comment, just wanted to add to it.

donthate1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )


Peaked means you no longer get yoy or mom sales increase, and it is in decline after that. It is hard to say where that peak happens, but it is a bad sign if we don't have massive units of console sold over last year combined (especially in the US).

I think a new console in 2018/2019 isn't unreasonable.

gamer91122d ago

I would love a 5 year cycle. Especially if the next consoles are just more powerful versions of PS4 and XB1. You’d think full backwards compatability would get easier if the design is similar. I’d definitely upgrade my hardware every 5 years if I could keep my library of games.

S2Killinit1122d ago

I would rather have a longer generation. i don't want to have to buy new consoles every 5 years. besides, the consoles really hit their stride around the 7th year in my opinion. At least that's been the trend.

TLG19911121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

5 Years is to short and ill be a day one purchaser of future consoles regardless but i agree with your point of forwarding you game library. plus if they said that now and made it for digital purchases only that linked to accounts then i would buy all digital from now on.

hemmo19861121d ago

Never understood why people get so hung up on backwards compatibility. Each to their own but I never buy a new console to play old games.

gamer91121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

Agreed, I meant if they make cycles shorter. Less people upgrading right away. Fractured group of friends. I’d want to upgrade right away but still play all the same games, and play them cross-gen with my friends that didn’t want to upgrade right away. (Like a really convenient gaming PC, which is where I think consoles are headed)

They could continue to make games for previous gen for another 3-4 years after (like commenters on here want), and give a better performing version on new gen

someOnecalled1121d ago

The consoles hit their stride in their 7th year? Lmao. Last gen was the longest gen everyone before that lasted 5 years lol. It ever been a trend. People make up stuff to suit these companies. The most they use to last is 6 years.

If they launch every 3 yrs or every 10 yrs console gamers will make every excuse in the book y its the best decision

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SweatyFlorida1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

You say that now, but after next year I imagine things to quiet down again in 2017 (for Western releases, japan is just starting to spit stuff out). 3rd parties will always chug out content, Sony and xbox will only release so many key franchises within this gen.

At the latest I expect a 2019 release, and hope so at that. Non-system sellers will be cross gen, but I do not expect a halo 6 or the last of us 2 on Ps4/Xbone, least not exclusively (cross gen). Hopefully the rumors of the nx being quite powerful are true to force the hand of micro/sony, micro more likely to get the jump on Sony. I mean just imagine The Last of Us 2 for a launch title for PS5 with updated graphics and sweeter graphics?

stuna11122d ago

Due to the architecture of both machines it's pretty obvious that neither have been tapped nearly close to their potential!

An analogy was made last generation about coding and developing for consoles.

The machines are like a glass filled with stones, to go further better optimization techniques are required and developed. The coding is refined to the point that instead of stones you're using peebles. As the coding gets even more refined, you're using sand instead of stones or peebles and at the same time occupying the same space.

That technique has applied to all consoles before this generation, will apply to all consoles this generation, and will apply to all consoles that follow this generation.

TheCommentator1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Woah, slow down there! Logic doesn't make sense to a lot of folks around here, lol.

To your point, Cliffy B said Gears 1 code(stones) was using all the 360's power. When Gears 3 came out its' code(sand) was too. More efficient code yields better results.

Games right now are closer to stones than sand. Battlefront, Uncharted 4, and Quantum Break are only beginning to show the potential of this gen.


Not a Reply

stuna11122d ago

I hit disagree by mistake Sorry. But I bubbled you up. Thanks for the confirmation on Cliffy B statement. I wasn't sure who said it, but I remember reading it in an article.

SmielmaN1122d ago

Bingo Stuna, now get your hands on Until Dawn. You gotta play it! I better see you playing it on PSN! Lol

garrettbobbyferguson1121d ago

Although judging from the previous comments this one has nothing to do with what EA is speaking of; because the architecture is similar to PC architecture many developers are already fully aware of what the consoles are capable of. Not to mention this reflects upon in the titles we're getting. You won't see "console's untapped power" be true any longer unless we get some idiotic new Cell shoved into future ones that requires years of work to figure out completely.

someOnecalled1121d ago

Due to the architecture? Lmao yeah devs haven't seen technology like this before

stuna11121d ago

Yeah they have and in each case of it concerning consoles they've been able to optimize the coding well up to the closing of each generation! Why it's so hard for some to come to terms with open and closed hardware is beyond me? No matter how powerful PC architecture is it's still considered open, because of the many configurations. Therefore harder to fully optimize due to the many setting.

Consoles are closed meaning set configurations, even though they have PC attributes even PC hardware they are still considered closed hardware because their configurations are set across the board! Therefore much easier to optimize due to them sharing the same configurations across each platform.

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Chaosdreams1122d ago

EA keeps on talking lately, or is it just me?

uth111122d ago

More likely they just answered a few questions at once and the games media is milking as many stories as possible out of what they said for clicks

Chaosdreams1122d ago

*Nods* Sounds logical to me.

Roccetarius1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

BS, they're already struggling with what's on offer as it is. The famous ''optimization' 9; excuse that used to fly before, is not the same this generation, considering the consoles are closer than ever to a PC.

gamer91122d ago

Agreed, the consoles at launch should not be comparable to a mid-range gaming PC. They should have spent more money on the hardware. If games are struggling now just wait another 3 years. And then wait another 2-3 years after that?? No thank you, shorten the cycle or give us better hardware out of the gate

1122d ago
stuna11122d ago

But in response to your comment, that makes the point even more valid considering the different configuration that a PC can come with yet the PC usually has the least optimization between Consoles and PC's.

If you really believe consoles are even close to being tapped then explain away all the excess hardware that hasn't even been used? Right now neither console have access a fraction of the CU available to them, so why are they there? GPU computation is supposedly the next step in gaming, but yet we're still mostly CPU based. Yet both Consoles have beefier GPUs by console standards?

These Consoles have more to offer than people give them credit for and time will reveal it.

Clunkyd1122d ago

Well consoles tend to be better optimized for the most part for the reason that they have dedicated hardware. So...

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