Meet the sexy new Lara Croft

The Sun Writes: A RECEPTIONIST plucked from obscurity to become the real-life Lara Croft already has her first mission - to find herself a man!

Single Alison Carroll, 23, from Croydon was today unveiled as the public face and body of the Tomb Raider cyberbabe after beating hundreds of other girls to the coveted role.

She will now travel the globe meeting fans of the hit computer adventures and acting out stunts from the game.

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zozol3660d ago

cares about TR anymore

Fishy Fingers3660d ago

Maybe YOU don't but others do. Oh, and I guess although the game doesnt interest you the model does?

morganfell3660d ago

Already have the game paid off. Crystal Dynamics, a remarkable developer and the greatest auto camera programmers in gaming know how to get it done.

About the article though, none of the Tomb Raider models, though shapely, ever look like they could hold onto a rock ledge for more than 20 seconds.

TheDude2dot03659d ago

It did lose it's edge. Maybe having a feature where Laura can have nip slips during battles will make it interesting again.

mikeslemonade3659d ago

The previous Lara Croft was Karima Adebibe and she is way better than this one.

The Cryptkeeper3659d ago

Ah yes the female kind, maybe if we get some rope she and i could Hang Out. Ahahaha

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Mr_Showtime13660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

I have this friend you mike like...his name is Nathan, he's really into finding lost treasures and exploring and killing people.
here's a picture:

PM me if your interested Lara!


Yi-Long3660d ago

... but doesnt really look all that much like Lara TBH.

nieto3660d ago

what happened with the other? i don't want to read.

Andras843660d ago

....she doesn't look like Lara Croft at all. I could go out to the street right now and find a better look alike.

I tought that Angeline Julie was the perfect look alike. Why change?

KyonoRocks3659d ago

And she has ridiculous lips. I can't be the only one who thinks Jolie is totally overrated and not at all that hot

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The story is too old to be commented.