360 outsold PS3 in the US in July, says Pachter

Michael Pachter's predictions for July consoles sales in the US show 360 ahead of PS3 at 275,000 to 250,000.

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socomnick3777d ago

Im pretty sure the Xbox 360 outsold the ps3 by more than that. We know for sure that August will see heavy Xbox 360 sales too.

Eiffel3777d ago

Yeah but PS3 Fanbois will be in denial like always.

nieto3777d ago

yeah like the denial about the 33% failure rate. MS it's just toying with you bots. they just want to make money and don't care about the readability of their products.

i mean you're supporting a company that it is selling broken systems and you say that us ps3 user are in denial? come on.

theKiller3777d ago

we all know how good patcher at guessing games!
i will bookmark this page to remind u about ur pretty sure 360 outsold ps3!

Eiffel3777d ago

nieto, thank you for proving my point.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Hey Droids... what the hell happened to judgment day? you all counted it down as the end of the Xbox and blaaaaaaah, ain't sh!t happened. LOL... now your 3rd in three countries, and your game sales again are on a decline. F**king 360 actualy has Japan over the PS3, wont last but you are truly 3rd at the moment. LOL... the MGS4 countdown was like the Y2K thing, everybody counted it down and when it got to 2000, nothing happened.

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patlike3777d ago

Michael mails out these predictions just before the NPD every month. We received them directly from him by email. They're part of his NPD research note.

3777d ago
Gish3777d ago


You expect people to take you seriously when you don't even know how to spell McCain? Not saying your right or wrong. Just that someone not knowing something that simple makes you question the point they are trying to make. I am assuming English is not your native language.

rogimusprime3777d ago

I don't blame you for wanting to inform people of Global causes, but I doubt your going to get any help from a gamers forum. Most of us are too busy managing our gaming additiction to help out the poor Georgians.

I saw it on CNN, it's pretty messed up. To his Credit, our lame duck president actually said something to Putin during the olympics.

Omega43777d ago

Well if thats what he believes im guessing the PS3 outsold the 360. But next month will be different with the temporary pricecut, and 60GB models in full effect the 360 will most likely outsell the PS3.

Then come Sept with the reported $199 pricecuts expect it to continue to outsell the PS3 up to and pass Dec, with all the AAA exclusives like Fable and Gears along with holiday bundles this is almost certain

S-T-F-U3777d ago

Nah. AAA Titles? You say Fable and Gears, what are the other ones? *cups ear*

I can see the 360 winning for August but after that thing's will be back to PS3.

Blood_Spiller3777d ago

You say that like the PS3 isn't getting any heavy hitters this holiday season.

Captain Tuttle3777d ago

But not a price cut and in this economy price point is more important than ever.

Omega43777d ago

So your trying to say that it will beat the PS3 in Aug and then with the priceut of 199,299,399 to all system its sales will actually decrease, while the PS3s will rise eventhough no new games have been released or no pricecut has been given

Great logic there...

MazzingerZ3777d ago

If only games would get cheaper because of sales figures I would actually start caring...

Isn't weird that HW gets cheaper, install base grows but games still cost the same?? and I don't think all games costs 50, 100 millions to develop...

It's about time for USD 40-45 games.

Kratos Spartan3777d ago

what economy? In America, the economy is in trouble, but it seems video game sales are not affected.

m-s-8-23777d ago

I like how, in spite of the first Fable failing to live up to the hype, the second one is guaranteed to be a AAA exclusive in your eyes. Let's not even get into the "exclusive" aspect, as it's all but 100% guaranteed both gears and fable will show up on PC in 6 months to a year.

I'd love to hype the hell out of KillZone 2, but im no fool. Since everything ive seen shows it to be a spectacular game, I remember GG failed to deliver anything but an average game with their previous outing. At best, I remain optimistic.

Captain Tuttle3777d ago

We're talking consoles, not games. People who already own consoles tend to be gamers and will continue to find the money to purchase's their hobby. It's the new console buyers that will consider price point above's a huge reason for the Wii's success and that's where the growth opportunities are. Do you think that the Wii would STILL be hard to find in stores if it cost $500?

Kratos Spartan3777d ago

yea you're right. How dare you set me straight! Have a bubble

Common Sense3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

GG's previous outing was not Killzone 1 but Killzone: Liberation, which was a good game. I think Killzone 2 will be good. I think it will get 96s and some 80s because sites like gamedaily and eurogamer will deduct points for stuff like: It's linear. All you do is shoot. There's no variety. It's on the PS3. That floor texture in that one room on the 5th level looks low-res. There are going to nitpick this game to pieces.

Ofcourse the 360 should sell more. It's a full $100 cheaper than the cheapest Ps3. I think when it's $199, it should outsell the Ps3 a great deal but if it doesn't, it's game over for MS because if you can outsell your competition despite being half their price, you are screwed.

Captain Tuttle3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Bubble back at ya

m-s-8-23777d ago

Wasn't aware that they had made any games other than KillZone and some Vietnam game that was easy to forget about. Never been one to play handhelds.

See, with a studio like Insomniac, Sony Santa Monica, Naughty Dog (yeah, i'm mainly a PlayStation-er) I'll just assume whatever game they have coming out will be good, as they have a great track record. GG still, in my opinion, has to prove themselves. I'm going to stay cautiously optimistic about KZ2, as I think and want the game to be good, but the studio has more check marks in the bad column than good.

I was burned by Free Radical this past May. That one still stings =/

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DaKid3777d ago

Why does news keep getting posted about which one sells the most? it really doesn't matter. As long as they continue to sell and the industry grows its a good thing, right?

On topic, looks like its going to be good sales for july for all systems. But this is Pachter, so take it with a grain of salt. I have a feeling this holiday season is going to be huge for the gaming industry.

Sitdown3777d ago

that is how things would work. But unfortunately some people feel like they need to see numbers and figures in order to justify their purchases.

Gaara_7243777d ago

dakid tell that to a fanboy especaly the 360 ones who look for anything about 360 beating the ps3

Bladestar3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

"But unfortunately some people feel like they need to see numbers and figures in order to justify their purchases. " why is it important to see these numbers? I think you got it wrong... most people on this site already justified their purchases with the games they already played... it's more about Final Fantasy XIII and others that if the xbox 360 would be selling poorly we wouldn't have... better sells and larger marketplace translate to more developer support... which means more games for the leading console... so, it's ok if you don't care but don't be mistaken the games your console of choice will have in the future are completely tied to these numbers (unless they are first party)... or let me guess... do you think 3rd party developer would be making games on the xbox 360 if it wouldn't be selling?

this generation I was hopping for a tied between the PS3 and the xbox 360 in order to get as much support as we can from developers... the xbox 360 beating the PS3? well that's a plus... this just mean developer will use the xbox 360 as a lead platform and prioritize my console of choice... I'm sure Sony fans would love that... wouldn't you?

Sitdown3777d ago

First off, noticed that I said "some" purposely make the point that not everybody thinks in this manner. Now if a store has only room for 40 consoles and they decide to get 30 of Console A and 10 of Console B.......well if Console A sells better on the market then the company feels justify in placing more of console A on the shelf. Same with gamers...if they see that a particular console is leading in sales, it makes them feel like they are on the winning side, and therefore feel justified (validated) in their purchase of that particular console...especially this early in the race. Games are not always a justifying factor.....example: When purchasing a tv from best buy you had a choice of a free bluray player. Some got the ps3...why? Because it has the capability of doing more...and it was justified without having to purchase a game.....cause of internet browswer, music function and other things outside of gaming.

As far as your last question...does not really matter to me, as I own all three consoles......

The Lazy One3777d ago

yea really... those silly xbots... all you have to do is look at the comment sections on here to see how ignorant they are...


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Dpa3777d ago

Note the word prediction.