PS4/PS3 Exclusive Star Ocean 5 Gets New and Colorful Screenshots on Famitsu

Today the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu released a batch of new screenshots of Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness.

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Relientk771093d ago

It's hard watching this game being teased in front of me and I'm not able to play it yet

Game4Next1091d ago

Badly Needs Color-Correction, doesn't matter how good the game is, if it hurting the eyes.

DivineAssault 1092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

Its great to see tri ace returning to this franchise.. My question is "where are the psp digital versions?" I would gladly add them to my vita but they arent available.. Neither is Valkyrie Profile.. It should be localized by mid to late 2016 adding another PS4 exclusive to my collection...

theFAYEsorceress1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

really excited for this game!

The_BlackHeart__1093d ago

I only wish I had more time. Developers should make games so hard to Platinum, I want to play them all :(

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