DX12's Ability To Unify GPUs Is "A Great Move", XB1 Will Benefit From An Engineering Point of View

Celtoys founder Don Williamson talks about the potential of DirectX 12.

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madmonkey011094d ago

Console API always develop over time, so we will end up with more from the consoles as the generations progress.

Wallstreet371094d ago

Seriously this happens along all consoles. Im getting tired of these superfluous articles.

aragon1093d ago

I have an xbox one and i dont care about this dx 12 mumbo jumbo, I didnt get it for dx 12 like u said every console gets better with time.

Wallstreet371093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )


Yes that is why by the end of a consoles lifetime we see brilliant looking games and often times the beginning of a consoles life the games dont look as good or better as the games found on the previous console towards the end.

Lets enjoy our systems and games knowing that they all will have better looking and performing games as the months go by. optimization, more familiarity with the consoles architecture and familiarity with the devs own new game engines all have a part in our late gen better looking games.

AngelicIceDiamond1093d ago

@aragon Thaaank youu exactly.

APexGamer451093d ago


Exactly. Not to mention the fact that even MS said you wont see any of the improvements you see on PC on Xbox.

As MS engineer says it, DX12 is giving what console have to PC.

UltraNova1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

Is it me or is Gamingbolt hell bend in making readers pledge allegiance to DX12 and xb1#s latent abilities?

I mean what is this blog #589 regarding DX12 for xb1?


If rumors wanting this gen lasting 5 years are true and DX12 games aren't even developed yet, while being in year 2 then its safe to say that we wont see much of DX12 on xb1... so what is the fuss about?

The sooner multi-platform DX12 games come out the sooner we can compare them with the competition and see whats what, until then take it easy Gamingbolt!

candystop1093d ago

I just want a game that catches my eye like half-life 2 did at E3 many years ago. DX12 or not it's up to the artists and devlopers to achieve what's already I assume possible. I don't care about res but do care about details.

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dcbronco1094d ago

Neither of you read the article. He simply said dx12 will allow more time to optimize the game which would bring improvements. He didn't say anything about boosting power or anything like that. And while all APIs do improve over time DX12 does bring specific items that make Xbox One programming easier or better like dealing with the esram. The esram doesn't apply to PC. The part about using multiple GPUs kinda doesn't make sense or is a bad edit. Besides the cloud, which is computing done separately, the only way that applies to Xbox One is if they allow other devices to be used as a local cloud. Given Windows 10 only sees GPU assets that would be helpful.

1093d ago
Wallstreet371093d ago

ummmm my comment still stands. Stop assuming. I never said anything about boosting power either i was talking in terms of optimization. Its good to have armchair developers on here and know it alls but sometimes it not.

dcbronco1093d ago

Wallsteet you say an unnecessary article but the ability for Windows 10 to work with multiple GPUs hasn't been touched on very often on this site. On normal sites yes, but not on one run by Sony children. Not meaning you. But that is important information for PC gamers who might have a second gpu laying around of a different brand than their current one. That gpu becomes useful again. The comment about allowing for more time for optimization is also true when viewed from the porting standpoint like Commentator mentioned. So there was nothing wrong with the content of the article even though it might have been poorly edited or edited with hits in mind.

Cobra I know Xbox One doesn't have multiple GPUs, but looking at the os design I believe it can be used within a local cloud. Just like the OS lends itself to BC. I predicted it might work by just adding another OS. And just like Xbox one can use the cloud to compute for it, there should be no reason it shouldn't be able to do the same thing with another Windows 10 device locally.

I made the same argument on beyond 3d and some of the smartest people on there agreed it should work but thought it would be a headache to program. But that was before Microsoft revealed Windows 10 sees GPU assets as a whole instead individually. There wouldn't be a programming headache. Or not as much as thought.

rainslacker1093d ago

I don't really get it why it's that relevant of an statement though. "Unifying" the hardware is what DX was created for in the first place. A single common API to program to for PC and other devices. DX was a huge step forward when it first released, because it removed the need for specific device implementation on the developers part. It's still up to the hardware manufacturers to create the device drivers which interface for it.

DX12 offers more access to things which were closed off before, and lower level access to speed things up. Both great things. It's also much more efficient than previous versions so obviously it will be easier to optimize because there will be less optimization needed. Also a good thing.

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TheCommentator1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

@dc bronco

It does make sense if you think about it, but the XB1 doesn't really have two GPUs. It does have 2CCPs, 2GCPs, 2 groups of 6CUs, 2 ACEs, etc. I'm assuming that what he's referring to is the symmetrically split GPU architecture which behaves like two.

Edit: The first sentence of his quote could have been omitted altogether if it wasn't about the GPU in the XB1. The author may have also intentionally left that in for clicks. Who knows, really, it's too ambiguous a statement to be understood.

1093d ago
TheCommentator1093d ago

That's a good point that I'd not considered. Thanks, Cobra.

bf0007779661093d ago

I'd say that dx11 is the main reason that hinders games' performance on console, so glad to see more and more devs adapt it.

jznrpg1093d ago

I would say it is the cheap cpus and average gpus. They do the job and I love my ps4 but there are a lot of more powerful options out there. I hope with ps5 they will add much better cpu/gpu/ram combo than this time around. Sony was not in the position to lose money on consoles like ps3 but with ps5 they will be able to afford to take morw risks with cost.

Azzanation1093d ago

There's abit of a difference between consoles improving over time with optimisations and a consoles gaining a completely new API. DX12 wont be a regular update you will see on other consoles (I know your referring to PS4) It already is using its new API from launch compared to a console that hasn't.

All consoles improve but not all will be gaining new APIs, you cant just add in a new API and expect miracles. The system has to be built around it to gain the best benefits.

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Bobafret1094d ago

This is interesting from an Xbox One owners perspective, it's not talking about "all consoles". If it doesn't interest you, then be silent.

frostypants1093d ago

It interests me that it's another idiotic Gamingbolt piece and another opportunity to point out that their site should be banned from N4G.

Lennoxb631093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

So maybe N4G should only post PS4 API improvements, or any improvements at all. And wipe X1 from existence. /s

Trekster_Gamer1093d ago

It's idiotic that it's related to Xbox One???

Don't be a pathetic fanboy, this article is for Xbox One fans, why don't you keep your trolling opinions limited to PlayStation articles!!!

Volkama1093d ago

You Xbox fans defending Gamingbolt just because you perceive this particular article as favourable to your console... shame on you. Gamingbolt is bottom-of-the-barrel trash.

UltraNova1093d ago


"So maybe N4G should only post PS4 API improvements, or any improvements at all. And wipe X1 from existence. /s"

Ok..How many of those have you seen around here, ps4 API posts I mean?

Let me help you, NOT THAT MANY you can count them in one hand!

Now how many xb1 API post have you seen?

Let me help you again, HUNDREDS, most of them from gamingbolt, no less.

So even you can appreciate the fact that n4g readers are getting frustrated at this point.

And for the record why wipe any platform from existence when competition makes everything more interesting?

Happy gaming dude but try chilling out a bit.

Volkama1093d ago

They don't have a Dx12 or XBox agenda, they have a clickbait ad revenue agenda.

Gamingbolt constantly ask small devs stupid questions about buzzword topics. They just try to extract clickbait quotes out of unsuspecting indie devs that were hoping to get some exposure for whatever game they are working on.

All of the "Amazing DDR5" (lol), "Problems with ESRAM", "New SDK" articles came from Gamingbolt as well.

UltraNova1093d ago



This website should have been banned a long time ago.

Hoffmann1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

Lol, that must be like the 40th article on gamingbolt about how this or that will be better on the xbox one thanks to DX12.

GamerzElite1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

How and when, PC didn't utilize DX12 till date... on PC I felt MS trolled us in the name of DX12.

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