Newly Announced PS4 Exclusive Valkyria: Azure Revolution’s First Screenshots Revealed by Famitsu

As mentioned yesterday, the newly announced Valkyria: Azure Revolution was featured in an article on the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu, and it included quite a few lovely screenshots.

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Why o why977d ago (Edited 977d ago )

Didn't get the read the article, driving . . .is this anything to do with v chronicles

styferion977d ago

yes, it's a sequel to Valkyria Chronicles

NO WORD on western localization though.

Why o why977d ago (Edited 977d ago )

Arghh, it's related but it's not an actual sequel

S2Killinit977d ago

This is great news. I would have thought this would be something they would announce at PSX but I guess PSX is here early.

sonarus977d ago

Valkyria chronicles was a surprisingly good game at least in my opinion. Hopefully this is good too

kitsune451977d ago

Valkyria Chronicles was my first PS3 game, and still to this day my favorite. That's saying a lot.

knifefight977d ago

Why are you posting while driving? That's incredibly dangerous.

This is an action-RPG in which you control the main character and AI controls the others. Set in the Valkyria universe.

APexGamer45977d ago

Oh wow. This is huge.

I would have imagined this would have been PSX announcement.

Past couple weeks of new games announcement is insane enough for PSX.

Iceman X977d ago (Edited 977d ago )

It's not the sequel, this is part 4. Valkyria Chronicles was PS3, Valkyria Chronicles 2 was PSP, Valkyria Chronicles 3 was PSP and this is part 4 PS4. And they're remastering Valkyria Chronicles for PS4.

Bathyj977d ago

Dont be hard on yourself. Reading the headline and replying while driving is still pretty good.

UltraNova976d ago (Edited 976d ago )

@Why o Why

Dude dont drive and text!

I'm sure the passengers went "Why o Why were you texting???" ;-)

Disclaimer: Viewers discretion is advised!


Never got to play VC before but I heard the best thins about it, well this time I'll try this.

breakpad976d ago

this is huge ...i hope they keep they grounded strategic battles fro original VC and dont lose it completely wiht huge sword and melee weapons

Why o why976d ago (Edited 976d ago )

Lol...thanks for the concern guys but I read the headline before drove off, I typed whilst stuck in londons wonderful traffic.


Grim video bro.... nothing like my situation but it definitely hits a nerve or two, i cant take credit for that

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mechlord977d ago

Yes, but the boobs.... i have not played the previous valkyria games so tell me... do they jiggle?

callahan09977d ago

Wait, whaaat? Whoa. I didn't hear about this. LOVE Valkyria Chronicles. This is freaking AWESOME! Just as a side question, but what does Winter 2016 in Japan mean? Does that mean January-March 2016, or November-December 2016?

seppo91977d ago

Of course it means november-december?

Visual Dragon977d ago

same as here there winters are during march

Aceman18977d ago

Oh yea I'm a happy gamer now because VC was my favorite game from the last generation. I hope this releases in the west.

XanderZane977d ago

Meh. This is Japan only. When is it coming out in the West? The last time SEGA made a Valkyria game Valkyria Chronicles 3, it never made it out of Japan. I own the first 2 games on the PS3 and PSP. I was hoping they brought the complete trilogy to the states.

shloobmm3977d ago

Game looks pretty amazing.

medman977d ago

Mooooaaarrrrrr Exclusives!!????????!!!!!!!!

Xer0_SiN976d ago

heck yeah! woo. been waiting for something like this for a while. now lets try a dragon force revival.

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Hoffmann977d ago

Release it in the west Sega. Don't let our Dreams Be Dreams. DO IT.

Letthewookiewin977d ago

I will literally learn Japanese if this doesn't come west.

Kyosuke_Sanada977d ago

So is this a hack and slash?

jon_snow977d ago

Nope, it's turn based strategy game with permanent death and it's awesome.

Kyosuke_Sanada977d ago (Edited 977d ago )

Ahh cool, I was slightly worried they would veer too off course from the original. Thanks for the info.

jon_snow977d ago

@fatdrink Well you can always loud save and try to beat without losing any of team member. Permadeath of team member adds another dimension to the game which you don't find in many modern game, It will make you think as if you gun blazing with your strongest guy you build overtime, he will die and all your progress with him is gone.

ShadowWolf712977d ago

Not to mention each character is unique, you learn more of their backstory the more you use them, and you can catch some feelings if you lose them

shadowknight203977d ago

Permadeath! Oh boy Now I really want this to come westside.

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kalkano977d ago

I think the original responses are talking about the original game. The new game is action, unfortunately. I'm steering WAAAAAYY clear of that crap.

MoveTheGlow976d ago (Edited 976d ago )

I loved the original Valkyria Chronicles, and I had the same impression with these screenshots. It's possible that they're taking a bigger action focus with this game, hence the big differences in the title - no "Chronicles," no "4."

Note the yellow lock-on mechanism while wielding a bladed weapon, the lack of a HUD with statistics. Contrast that with the screenshots of the HD remake right below them. It's probably a very different game than what we're used to with VC.

That's not necessarily bad. This looks beautiful, and that world probably looks a lot cooler when it moves in complete real-time. I'm hyped either way.

TheColbertinator977d ago

Looks amazing from what I see. That Valkyrie scythe is stunning :O