First look at Valkyria: Azure Revolution, Valkyria Chronicles Remaster

Famitsu has gone up with online previews offering the first direct-feed screenshots of the newly announced Valkyria: Azure Revolution and Valkyria Chronicles Remaster for PlayStation 4.

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RpgSama1003d ago

If that's how Azure Revolution will look like, WOW!, looks AMAZING, kept the art style and they improved upon it on every level, hope the gameplay is a refinement of what Valkyria Chronicles did before and not a more action oriented take on those systems.

REALLY, REALLY anticipating both games.

freshslicepizza1003d ago

this is gonna be excellent. one of the best surprises on the ps3 was valkyria chronicles.

Minimox161003d ago (Edited 1003d ago )

Double Yes! looks awesome!

ErogeMaster1003d ago

The question is will they even bother in localizing this game.

WildArmed1003d ago


PIcking up botthhh <3 can't wait.

DivineAssault 1003d ago

Another sweet exclusive to look forward to.. So happy the original is getting remastered.. It never had trophies but i still want to know why part 2 isnt getting any love..

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