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Adam Cook: "Ultra Smash is the most underwhelming Nintendo game I’ve played in a very long while. It feels utterly bereft of content, with a gameplay gimmick that wears thin after a few matches, and an online that works, but will (as usual) be dependent on being heavily populated – which just seems unlikely. As a full price game, there’s no real way I can recommend it unless you’re absolutely desperate for some Mario Tennis. The fact that it’s a mechanically solid sporting experience can’t save it from mediocrity or a lack of any real reason to come back, and that’s really the worst sin a sports game can commit."

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V0LT1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

They really screwed this game up. It's missing a Lot of characters, stages, modes and the lack of each character not having a special . The list goes on. Guess we'll have to wait another 10+ years before we see another one. Oh, and the fact they remained so silent about it even up to the release date should tell you something too.

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rjason121065d ago

I can't believe Nintendo has Camelot make golf and tennis games, when they could be making golden sun 4, or something else that really shows off their capabilities.