How will Blizzard try to save World of Warcraft?

MWEB GameZone writes: "World of Warcraft’s subscription numbers are still on the decline. Here is how Blizzard Entertainment plans to save World of Warcraft"

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schmoe1126d ago

If i had my wish - they will save it by launching wow 2 :-)

Sillicur1126d ago

Maybe one day! But I really wonder how that would work tbh.

schmoe1126d ago

Re-launch vanilla wow on a new "up-to-date" engine..

Perjoss1126d ago

Obviously they will support WoW for as long as there is people playing it, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if they stepped away from the traditional MMO genre.

naBs1126d ago

Omg, if they relaunched WoW on a new engine, built from the ground up I think I'd cream my pants. That would be awesome, but I don't know if blizzard is even considering such a thing. Still though, I think that would be a great direction to be heading towards if all else fails especially.

Perjoss1126d ago

Some MMO companies launch legacy servers which are basically instances of the game as it was on launch day, in WoWs case that was about 10 years ago?

A lot of features players have become used to like group finder would be missing but I have a feeling Bliz might do this some day.

lipton1011126d ago

Not to be cynical, but the universal rule of business is to offer the fewest goods and services at the highest price the market will allow.

On that thought, WoW is essentially 10 years old. With even 1 million subscribers monthly, that's $15M in revenue / month. At last count they were at 3 million +/- ? $45M in revenue monthly. I'd say in 1 month, they've broken even and have even made some profit on the investment of resources required for the new expansion pack. After the expansion was issued, they probably get rid of most staff and have fixed monthly expenses of $1M +/-. With that said, they're still making a massive amount of money on a 10 year old game each month, even with a drop in subscribers. At the present time, they have no driving force behind a sequel or true follow up. I bet they're banking on the Warcraft movie to being in more subscribers. I'd say a follow up will come, but not before 5 - 7 years from today.

Muadiib1126d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

They are at 5.5 million actually. Did you even read the article?

3-4-51125d ago

* Make Warcraft 4.

* Have all the new things from WoW, be included within the game.

THAT would take WoW & RTS games to the next level.

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Codewow1126d ago

They don't need to save WoW there are private servers out there that will thrive once retail goes down.

Frodosmugins1126d ago

WoW will be a classic nostalgia game forever.

No need to save it!

MonkeyOne1126d ago

There's far more competition now than when WoW was launched. Gamers chew through content in a few weeks and then move onto other games.

WoW was always a "slow burn" game that you spent a lot of time in while ignoring many other game releases in the process because you were invested in a guild.

WoW isn't less popular because the game has changed. It's less popular because gamers have changed.

tommy-cronin1126d ago

I'm sure Randy holds the key to it.