The thing you’re really crafting in Fallout 4 is a legacy


"I desperately wanted to love Fallout 3, given that it was cousin to Morrowind and Oblivion, two of my all-time favorite RPGs. It certainly shared many of their best traits, including huge expanses begging to be explored, tons of lore to unearth, and protagonists I could customize to my precise wants and needs. As I played, however, I realized it was missing something that was key to both Elder Scrolls games that I didn’t know was present until it was it was gone. It had no hope. Fallout 4 has just about everything that made Fallout 3 engaging, but pulls in the hope that was so sorely lacking, and it does so with a few walls, some tires, and a baby named Shaun."

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cyphertech1095d ago

The hope of bringing pure water to the wastelands was a good motivation in my opinion.