Xbox Is "Fundamentally Important" to Microsoft, CFO Says

Amy Hood talks about the business group's "journey of improvement" over the past few years.

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Septic1096d ago

"I would say gaming is fundamentally important."

Well yeah- the profits being made should not be scoffed at and getting entry to the living room is not easy, even if it isn't under desired terms.

ABizzel11096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

Xbox has become their PC for the living room, and if they were smart, they would make the XB4 a desktop POC replacement.

It's pricing is perfect for doing that job, the hardware is perfect for doing the job for the VAST majority of consumers, it opens up a huge potential audience that Xbox as a gaming console alone can't reach (MS Office, a true browser, etc...), run a Windows OS Kernel to allow app & program integration across PC / Mobile / Xbox, allow a full Windows OS boot to be achieved on the Xbox for those with a bit more technological skill or better yet sell it on the Xbox store and allow an easy self installation of the full OS. and it all conveniently packed into a console / PConsole / gaming platform that consumers actually want to buy any way.

Stop trying to fight with Sony, and just be Xbox. That's how MS finds their niche and their first potential 100m seller. Xbox a gaming console that also completely replaces your everyday desktop PC (gaming PCs would still be viable, but it makes little sense to continue buying the $299 / $399 / $499 / $599 Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Dell, Black Friday PCs, when the XB4 could do all of that with no problem).

And as I said earlier it gives them new audiences to sell to.

1. The core Xbox community
2. The people who buy cheap desktop PCs to use (niche, but still)
3. The budget PC gamer....if they can do a full Windows install

MasterCornholio1096d ago

I could definitely see myself getting an Xbox 4 and using it as a PC.

freshslicepizza1096d ago

it doesn't matter how many people from microsoft, including the ceo, say it's integral to the compnay. you will still have haters out there who think or rather hope the xbox brand dissolves.

Perjoss1096d ago

"it doesn't matter how many people from microsoft, including the ceo, say it's integral to the compnay. you will still have haters out there who think or rather hope the xbox brand dissolves."

Its just my opinion, but for me the best thing about MS is the fact that them having a console on the market pushes Sony to do better with their Playstation. Apart from that I really couldn't care less if they vanished. don't necessarily hate them but I don't think they bring anything innovative to the table either.

ABizzel11096d ago


It's just the logical thing to do and I said this before they XBO.

Step 1: Demo the ease of cross platform apps (MS Office, games, etc...) giving both tablets, smartphones, and other devices near desktop like capabilities with Windows 15??? at CES in January.

Step 2: Reveal the Xbox 4 in the Spring of that year as a "gaming console" to fans showing technology, developer support, tech demos, and graphics. (this is a big reason XBO took a nose drive early on)

Step 3: E3 Show the games and launch titles for the XB4.

Step 4: In late Summer (Gamescom) announce that the technology demoed at CES for Windows 15??? is coming to XB4 in full and how XB was your goal and vision of creating a one Windows platform for all developers making games, multimedia, apps, MSOffice, and more a seamless experience across all MS platforms.

And boom you have a dream console that offers both fun and enjoyment, but also a means to taking care of business professionally and educationally, because gamers can be both.

scientificreasoning1096d ago

So out of touch..the Living room device died with smart tv's, phones and mobile taking's not 2001 anymore. The one box to rule the living room is an outdated 1990's ceo way of thinking and why x1 got off to such a bad start this gen.

ABizzel11096d ago


Which is exactly why consoles sales have been the fastest growing for core consoles, ever.

Which is why multimedia and apps such as Netflix have their largest audiences on.....console.

Which is why Windows integration has been coming to XBO piece by piece with each UI update, and fans are loving it (and hopefully we'll start seeing the benefits of cross app support).

The AIO device concept wasn't wrong at all.

What was wrong was the delivery. The awful XBO reveal featuring TV, TV, Sports, COD, Halo, COD, Halo, a hint of Forza, Sports. The DRM, Always Online, no game sharing, #dealwithit campaigns. The "if you want to play games offline we have a console for that it's called Xbox 360" BS. The utter disrespect from a corporation asking gamers to buy their product, and the media to promote it. The lower spec'd, hardware. The $100 - $150 unnecessary Day 1 expense by forcing Kinect into the box.

Those were the reasons XBO had an awful start.

Bigpappy1096d ago

That is so off base and will fail hard. People buy the Xbox for the same reason they buy PS: to PLAY GAMES. You can connect any PC to a TV right now with a simple HDMI card, some even accept VGA connections. The reason this is a dumb idea, is the same reason the Steam Machine is a dumb idea: no one needs it.

Xbox is a games console and it will be until M$ decides to get out of the business. They will use it to offer apps on the side, but it will never be a PC. You can connect a keyboard to the X1 and surf, but I used it once and never thought to use it again. When I turn it on, it is to PLAY GAMES.

ABizzel11096d ago


If it's so stupid, then why is MS doing all of this right now, besides full Window OS installation.

The multimedia and Windows kernel are already on XBO, and have been since launch.

They've just added cross platform support between mobile, desktop, and XBO apps, which we'll likely start seeing sometime in 2016.

They're adding keyboard and mouse support for XBO.

Yep, real stupid there.....meanwhile everything I've been saying they should do, has been slowly implemented into XBO.

The reason Steambox failed it because:

1. It's just SteamOS. Which doesn't have nearly the game library of Windows Steam, and you didn't get nearly the functionality of a full OS unless you installed Windows / Linux or one came with it pre-installed.

2. They were PCs that cost well above what console players would pay. $800 and up for many of them, and even the ones on par with the PS4 / XBO were $600. And at that price you can build your own PC, and get better hardware all around.

3. There were over 20 models of them which was stupid and even more confusion to any potential consumer who didn't have advanced knowledge of the PC components in them.

Xbox already has a fanbase of millions of gamers around the world, unlike Steambox which was instantly devoid of a consumer market because it was too expensive for console gamers, too confusing with SKUs for non-PC enthusiast, and PC enthusiast could build their own PC / SteamMachine for less.

And once again as I said these consoles are the biggest platforms for Netflix and other multimedia (has nothing to do with games), and with this concept it completely negates the need to ever go out and buy a desktop computer for the average consumer (non PC enthusiast) if the XBO can launch apps like Word / Power Point, use mouse and keyboard (which is coming), and get a fully functioning web browser.

I get tired of schooling people on here. When I get to my 10,000th comment I'm done with n4g.

nix1096d ago

How do you guys have so many bubbles as many as mods?

OT: Xbox was suppose to win MS the living room. They nearly did it last gen. This time they're pretty much beaten. By next gen all the tvs will be connected to the net and will probably be as powerful as the console. Maybe we'll be streaming games through our tvs. no one knows.

1096d ago
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PudgeyBurrito1096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

Microsoft has done a good job turning around their mistakes from 2013. It would be bad PR to spend what they did on Minecraft and Havok and say gaming isn't important to them which would be a slap in the face to all their investments like Mojang and Havok etc.

They don't make much Money on the Hardware but if they continue to show consistency for the forth coming years and titles I could see them out pacing what they did with the Xbox 360.

MetroidFREAK211096d ago

Glad. Been enjoying my Xbox One ever since the system launched in 2013

retrogamer091096d ago

Of it is. Getting access to living rooms period is something everyone of these guys want and MS has that access. It's also besides Surface and the MS Band probably their biggest hardware product on the market and they net huge revenue year over year from live growth. They'll keep making Xboxes until the market moves away from console gaming, For them investing a couple billion dollars a year on this thing means nothing. It's literally 8 percent of the company and any losses are completely nullified.

Automatic791096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

Xbox gaming console is not going no where for the following reasons.

Xbox One has now become a part of the Windows 10 services and device mantra.

Satya, Phil, and Amy have all stated that Xbox One and gaming is important.

The investments into gaming have been as strong as they have been since the original Xbox. Investment into new IP and existing IP's is core to Xbox future.

The Xbox One has sold at a higher rate than Xbox 360.

Games are selling higher and Xbox live has a higher engagement rate each year. Hence reason there titles have more multiplayer focus.

From a software perspective this is Xbox One strongest generation they are incubating some big franchises and have a lot of investments support team.

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