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Jo from GamersFTW writes: 'Easily one of the most anticipated games of this year, Fallout 4 doesn’t disappoint. Along with the main mission there are hundreds of side quests and other things to get up to on your travels through the wasteland, and it is easy to get sucked in. There are some bugs and glitches which make it frustrating at times, but overall it is an engrossing and really enjoyable play.'

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Yukes1094d ago

Wow what a score! Can't say it's undeserved though - it's just so much damn fun to play!

Crazyglues1094d ago

It's by far one of the best games I've played on my PS4...

This is one of those games you get lost in, and can't believe it's this good... The game is just truly Amazing -

I've played for hours and hours, day after day, and there is still so much to do, this game is worth the full price... Bought the Season Pass Day One...

This Game is the kind of game -Gamers Dream of Playing- If you don't have it, get it now.

-I Love This Game-

Eidolon1094d ago

I agrer. So much to do and so little time, quality all over and such a great value. I think this is their least buggy release in a loong time, too.

slappy5081094d ago

The more I play it the more Im enjoying it. There is always new things im learning about the game like crafting pockets on your armour increases your carrying capacity. And then only 40 hours into the game I learnt you can transfer all the junk you're carrying to your work bench so you dont have to carry it all the time, wish I new that sooner as looting wouldve been easier from the start!

stloony1093d ago


That's cool though, my brother has had the same problem for years. Somehow he gets so sucked into games he misses the help texts all the time.

alexgibson1094d ago

Great review. What a stunning game.. bugs aside it's a masterpiece and strong contender for game of the year.

cfc781094d ago

After around 60 hours of trying to enjoy Fallout 4 which i'd been waiting for since finishing New Vegas I decided to pack up until next year and start again and hopefully then I can join the praise that I think this game truly deserves.

Open world burnout is truly a b*tch.

EazyC1094d ago

That's mental, how do you have so much time over <2 weeks?

cfc781094d ago

Work as a landscaper and at this time of year things always slow down so there's more time for other stuff.(not how I want it but it's the way it is)

PaleMoonDeath1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

I think I know why the scores differ so much, some folk are good at the game while others aren't, know what I mean?

I was decent as the beta, I'll snatch this sucker up tomorrow.

Edit: this was supposed to be a comment on a Star Wars review! Whoops.

Perjoss1094d ago

In the wrong article, you have posted. -Yoda