Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4 vs Xbox One Multiplayer Frame-Rate Test

Digital Foundry:
We're a little late to the party on this one, but here's how multiplayer performance is shaping up in Call of Duty Black Ops 3 on console. PS4 retains an advantage here, but both versions are so much smoother here than they are in the campaign.

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UserNameIsNotTaken1094d ago

So ps4 has better frame rate but the xbox one isn't that bad either.

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Genuine-User1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

PS4 version has the better resolution, frame-rate and less screen tearing.

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dantesparda1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

Actually its got a lot better framerate than the X1 version, the X1 version is not only dropping a lot more often, but its also dropping in res (and to much lower levels, 1200x900) a lot more often than the PS4 ver. And in this game the resolution difference really shows and makes a big difference, with the X1 version looking a lot blurrier. Now watch as the disagrees roll in for saying it like it is.

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Rarefaction1094d ago

So much for closing the gap ha ha. It's getting bigger and bigger.

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Tsunade1094d ago

So the PS4 version has better frame-rate, resolution and performance. This was expected since we know multiplatform games are better on PS4. It is good to know that this is not a slight advantage, it is a real advantage on the PS4. The good news is that at least the xbox version even though is inferior, is not a mess and can be playable.

Is going to be interesting to see who comes winner in November, Black Ops 3, Fallout 4 or Star Wars.

gfk3421094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

But how this result can be even possible?

X1 with the very hyped new SDK, new API, Kinect 2 power unlocked, 7th CPU core freed for games and X1 still runs games at a lower resolution and lower frame rate than PS4.

Now, after 2 years from the console release, with all the big AAA games released (Halo5, Battlefront, COD BO 3) and X1 doesn't show any spectacular improvmemts.

MasterCornholio1094d ago

You can't change the actual hardware with SDK updates so if the GPU and CPU are weaker they always will be.

Rarefaction1094d ago

Just you wait.... That secret sauce is gonna be delicious.

Dario_DC1094d ago

Multiplayer runs great on the PS4, the campaign not so much, one can see the frame drops and screen tearing easily.

UserNameIsNotTaken1094d ago

The campaign was good anyway.

Dario_DC1094d ago

Yeah I'm still at the 25% mark and really like it.
Multiplayer is the best part so far, even just messing around with bots in co-op is fun.
Was just mentioning my personal experience with the performance.

Majin-vegeta1094d ago

I haven't noticed that...then again I'm too busy trying not to die on that realistic mode lol.

*throws control out the window*.

rakentaja1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

And you may think why X1 games wont sell as much as on PS4 or why the console is not so popular..when they put together the console..everything just went..wrong..and wrong.

_LarZen_1094d ago

Lower resolution and more unstable frame rate on XBO. As normal then.

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