Did Halo 5 lie to us?

Halo 5 has one of the best multiplayers ever in the FPS genre but was the story a big disappointment?

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StifflerK1094d ago

Well, knowledge of the lore definitely makes the game more enjoyable, however I'm not sure if 343 did anything majorly wrong.

What if a newbie watches Lord of the Rings part 3, Harry Potter 5 - they could just sit their and complain they don't know who the characters are or the backstory - but that's not the fault of the writer.
Halo 5 is part 2 of a trilogy - obviously the best place to start is at the beginning.

Locke, Laskey, Blue Team, Buck - they all have spin-offs , some of which are free to watch and have been around for a while.

Also the Intel - it details the backgrounds and viewpoints of many characters caught up in the conflict surrounding the story - which is why the achievement is called 'Hunt for the Truth'.
That is what you're doing.

I don't think the story is perfect, although I'm surprised at some of the complaints I've seen - it's like some of this stuff just flies over people's heads.

Sciurus_vulgaris1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

The games main plot issue is introducing new character that no one wanted and were unnecessary. Locke,Holly and Vale were barely fleshed out and their part of the story is silly. Sending 4 less experienced soldiers to capture the most dangerous person of all time, who is backed up by 3 spartans more skilled than any member of fire Osiris.

holysmokesbatman1094d ago

I LOVED the story, played through twice and will play again on legendary when my son gets his xbox so we can play co op.

Breakout is seriously addictive too.

I can see why some people didn't enjoy playing as Locke though but I thought team Osiris was really cool.

ninsigma1093d ago

Blue team ftw! :p
Nah I'm kidding, let's not create divides about something as silly as that xD
For me though, buck was the only decent character from osiris and I felt like they didn't do him justice. For blue team the other 3 members felt just like the other members of osiris. I care very little for them. There was no character progression for any of them. No I know there's books and what not where I'm sure they are all fleshed out but none of it was in the game, which is the PRIMARY reason halo even exists. I don't need their whole back stories or anything but there was no info on them what so ever. I only play the games so I went through the first 4 as chief then comes halo 5 and suddenly he has this team I've never heard of but apparently they grew up together and have done lots of missions together. I'd like some sort of character development if you're gonna put them in there, ya know??

etownone1093d ago

Same here...

On my second playthroigh Co op with 3 other friend.

And I Loved the story too... Awesome direction it's going.

ninsigma1093d ago

I see your point but the story is pretty self contained within the game so I don't think that would make too much of a difference.

I thought locke was a terrible character. He was terribly pointless as well.

Level design was boring too and it felt like playing call of duty at times.
The mantis level I enjoyed though.

I didn't like how they handled bucks character either. He seemed a lot weaker than he was portrayed originally in odst. Maybe that's a by product of him not feeling comfortable in his new role as a spartan but I just didn't like how he was portrayed, I really liked his character in odst.

CoNn3r_B1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

Speaking of going over people's heads, did you read the part where I said that I'm a fan of the series since CE. I'm not coming from this game alone, I watched Forward Unto Dawn and Nightfall and still struggled for a reason to care about these characters, especially Locke. The story is terrible with terrible characters and terrible methods of telling it.
The argument about the intel files is made obsolete by the fact that things such as that should add to the story instead of being the only medium of telling it. It's lazy and crap.

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I'm disappointed but i hope they continue improving it,i'll come back to it later

Apocalypse Shadow1094d ago

Maybe its just me but it seems Microsoft always seems to mislead gamers when it comes to halo in search for the truth seems to be that they NEVER seem to show GAMEPLAY or in engine.I looked at their commercials and maybe I missed it.I look at uncharted commercials and it's either in engine or gameplay.

We're always told using CG is misleading gamers into thinking the type of graphics you'll see.not that graphics matter but Microsoft always uses live action.

Why is that?

As the article states:no local co-op.we all know why local co-op has been killed in games like this:

why to maximize sales and a return on investment.why let 4 friends play on the same system when you can try to get 3 of them to go out and get their own game.possibly their own system and game.they offer Xbox live gold trial.but that's to hook you into locking in and paying for online.

As for the story,maybe the truth will reveal itself in future sequels.but is anyone happy that you had to buy the game first to find that out?I want to know what Xbox gamers think on that.

skydragoonityx1094d ago

Halo 5 was supposed to be the reason I get an Xone.. Not so anymore

Chaosdreams1093d ago

The commercials are where the blatant lie resides.

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