Remedy’s PR Head On SW Battlefront; "Stunningly Good" Considering Development Time, "Less Is More"

According Remedy's head of PR Thomas Puha, SW Battlefront is "stunningly good", considering development time on the game. Puha adds that "less is more".

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ArchangelMike1098d ago

Considering that it took two years to make it is a great acheivement. However it also makes it so much worse that they are charging so much for a game that they knew would not be "content complete" before launch.

Saying "less is more" is completely wrong in this context - exactly because EA are charging so much more for the 'complete game', when it is lacking in content.

TheCommentator1098d ago

So many of us complained that the game was missing way too much from the originals. DICE repeatedly told us all not to worry about it. Look at it now.

To (mis)quote Family Guy: Something something Battlefront, something something incomplete.

shloobmm31098d ago

I don't have nay issues with the game. There's lot of game modes a decent amount of content.A good amount of unloackables. Gameplay is simple but fun and graphics are fantastic.

Fro_xoxo1098d ago

"less is more" lol!

oh man..

Well good luck with the series..

Volkama1098d ago

I can see an argument for "less is more". I used to play Sega Rally for hours and hours, and that only had 4 short tracks. Properly addictive trying to perfect them though.

Thing is less isn't literally more, so it shouldn't really cost as much!

Rooted_Dust1098d ago

It's gotta be hard with a release date set in stone from the start of development. The release had to coincide with the movie.

It's a game to be enjoyed in moderation, when you need a Star Wars fix.

ziratul1098d ago

Game IS GOOD! BUT... it has 29,99$ worth of content, not $60.

ULTp0ltergeist1098d ago

I kind of agree with Thomas Puha. Given the time needed to develop the game and STILL provided a great game with fantastic multiplayer content, I'm not complaining. The theme is spot on and what is there to know more about Star Wars in a campaign?'s Star Wars!

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The story is too old to be commented.