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Nintendo Enthusiast:
Let’s be honest, when we tuned into Nintendo’s digital presentation at E3 in 2015, Mario Tennis wasn’t exactly the game we were hoping for but it’s one of the new titles that we got. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing when we consider one of the earlier Mario Tennis which released on the Nintendo 64 offered great multiplayer fun and was one of the system’s greatest titles. Over the course of the next 15 years we would see 3 more titles in the Mario Tennis franchise release all offering a fun and unique experience for what it was. Unfortunately with its latest entry, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash on the Wii U, the franchise has run out of steam leaving fans of the franchise wondering “what happened?”

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PhoenixUp1096d ago

I'm not surprised this got a low score. Everything about this title looks so bland and uninspiring, especially compared to Mario Power Tennis on the GameCube.

marloc_x1096d ago

I imagine new content will come out regularly from Nintendo.

Would have picked up the score if he grabbed co-workers to play Ultra Smash with😉

WickedLester1096d ago

This was a complete waste of development and frankly, Nintendo should be ashamed for just "phoning in" a title such as this when Wii U owners are so starved for content!