New Home DLC (Japan)

Japanese Close Beta just released new DLC : Home Project. This new DLC from the PS Store allows users to create "banners" to decorate or "advertise" in their own spaces within the confines of their personal area in Home.

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jay23628d ago

Just give us HOME, I'm fed up of living in an apartment for the last year with no heating, water, gass and electrisatly.

LoVeRSaMa3628d ago

Wow, this feature is Amazing =x

I mean Ill be making my Clan Banners and stickeing them in my room =D

Coolio, I cannot wait [=

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3628d ago

I gonna do one saying... 'NO xBot Lemmings allowed in my HOME!!!' ;-D

PlayStation®Homeは、PLAYST ATION®3及びPLAYSTATION® Networkの機能を駆使して実現される、全く新しいゲームユー ザーの為の「オンライン・コミュニティ・プレイグラウンド」です。 是非、クローズドベータテストにご参加いただき、いち早くこの世界 をご体験ください。;)

MaximusPrime3628d ago

yea better than using your avatar (the one exclusive for xbug pleasefixme) to advertise

Johnny Cullen3628d ago

Better hope to hear the date of the open beta being released at GC in Leipzig next week.

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