Move Over Smash Bros: Cloud Kicks Butt in Latest Dissidia Final Fantasy Trailer

The minute long video features Cloud kicking butt with his buster sword as a great remix of the Final Fantasy VII battle music plays in the background.

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PhoenixUp1095d ago

I hope they add a story mode when this game arrives on PS4

DonkeyDoner1095d ago

oh it will with rpg mode as well

breakpad1094d ago

Excellent FFVII battle theme remix

ZaWarudo1095d ago

Okay, seriously. What the f*** is up with the horrible remixes?

Hoffmann1095d ago

Piano music does not fit in such a fast action based game. These arrangements are very fine for FF Dissidia and sound great.

ZaWarudo1095d ago

Dissidia PSP had some very excellent remixes. This, this is just downright awful. It's been consistently bad with each video.

SMH, i hope SE includes the original ost and Dissidia PSP remixes when/if this hits consoles.

ErogeMaster1094d ago

Come on man do you listen to BGM/VGMs often or are you tone death.

LiViNgLeGaCY1095d ago

Different tastes, I guess. Because I absolutely loved it.

Hoffmann1095d ago

Cloud looks awesome there, as he should in a game in 2015.

Theyellowflash301095d ago

Looking forward to playing as Cloud in both games.

Hanso1095d ago

When this drops on ps4 Noctis will be in Dissidia too by that time i guess awesome.

My fav from Dissidia: