PSA: The Amazing Deadly Premonition: Classified Edition Releases Next Week

If you’re a fan of Access Games’ quirky, Twin Peaks-inspired open-world survival horror title, Deadly Premonition (and really, if you’re not, you’re dead to me), you might want to take note. The game will be getting a seriously impressive limited edition package next week, available exclusively through the NIS America store.

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JMPetrequin1121d ago

The only thing classified here is how good this cult classic game is.

dead_pixels1121d ago

Yep. It's pretty fantastic, especially if you're a Twin Peaks fan. The number of hidden references to David Lynch's classic is absurd.

DarkOcelet1121d ago

Its a masterpiece.

It has a bad gameplay.
Bad graphics.
Bad driving Mechanics.

But its still one of the best games i have ever played. This is seriously a must own game.

dead_pixels1121d ago

I agree wholeheartedly. The game's fantastic, self-aware writing and endless charm surpass all of its shortcomings. I loved every moment I spent in Green Vale.

Heyxyz1121d ago

I'm usually the guy who doesn't stand for stuff like this, but for some reason the bad gameplay, graphics, and driving make this game more charming. I have no idea why.

derkasan1121d ago

Excellent collector's item. All that's missing is the coffee.

Heyxyz1121d ago

One of the best games ever...Great story, world, characters, humor, and even gameplay (I know it was bad, but it was fun!). I want this bad!

Iltapalanyymi1121d ago

one of my top 10 games ever. i need to get that collectors edition.