Star Wars Battlefront lacks content, but it’s the simplistic shooter we need

MMGN: There’s no doubt Star Wars Battlefront is very light on content for a full price game, with no campaign and shallow multiplayer options. The extras in the expensive season pass should be included in the price of admission — the maps and modes at least — so in essence Battlefront is a $170 (AU.) shooter for the base game; everything you’ll need to keep playing beyond the holiday season. However, what it lacks in overall content Battlefront also lacks in depth of gameplay — and that’s a good thing.

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crazychris41241124d ago

4 large maps (5th large map coming soon) is pathetic, I'll wait for the complete edition.

Aloy-Boyfriend1124d ago

4 planets with 4 maps each, so 16 large maps. Isn't it?

crazychris41241124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Its 3 maps per planet so 12 in total and no its not like other games where every map supports almost all of the modes. I like how they have maps only for certain modes which means they are trying to keep things balanced but only 5 maps for a multiplayer only title for one of the most popular modes is terrible. Im just gonna get the game next year once we get all of the content.

Im talking about 4 maps for the large game modes, fully aware there are 12 maps in the entire game. Not hating the game cuz i had a blast in the beta but I'd rather wait and spend $60 or less later than $110 now to get everything.

_-EDMIX-_1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

@KilKarazy- I see, my mistake then. It sounds like he is talking about the map count.

I read his later comment, disregard the post.

I'm fine with 12 maps, soon to be 14. I've played many games longer with less. Consider he can also wait to get "everything" on any game with post launch content.

One doesn't need to actually get post launch content..

I'm still on the fence on it too. That is like saying to have "everything" in Fallout 4 I need to spend $90...

Lets call it for what it is, the Star Wars Battlefront, then its expansion. TO add the expansion to what the game is as if its "everything" is to suggest you can't complete it without the optional expansion.

I'm only getting Fallout 4's for sure as Star Wars is dependent on me liking it not just for a few weeks, but months in order to get anything else to have me continue playing.

Remember folks, its only $110 if you actually choose that route, no one is forcing anyone to buy that content after launch. I'm fine with what I'm currently playing and don't even know if more maps would suddenly make me like it more. Most times its just the same to me, more maps just has me continuing me playing it, but rarely do I feel I'm some how having a great game or something.

Helps, but doesn't define the whole experience.

KilKarazy1124d ago

He's saying for the 40+ player modes

-Foxtrot1124d ago

Funny because Uncharted 2 had the best simple but fun multiplayer out there last gen and the game was filled to the brim with content

lorenzen431124d ago

Screw EA, they do not give a shit about the gaming community and standards of quality is absurd how little content there is for how long they've been developing it.

_-EDMIX-_1124d ago

...14 maps is "absurd"?

You must have hated Team Fortress 2 right? It launched with 6 maps.

Eiyuuou1124d ago

But did they make you pay for more maps?

_-EDMIX-_1124d ago

@Eiy- Never made you do anything bud. Who is forcing you to buy new maps?

This forced payment is new to me.

Dynasty20211124d ago

TF2 is one of the best, most balanced games ever made, with constant free updates and new ideas from Valve.

Try getting that from Sony or MS.

_-EDMIX-_1124d ago

@Dy- I don't disagree, one of the greatest supported multiplayer shooters in gaming.

My point is merely the point out for the first year or so of TF2 I put in well over 200 hours on just 6 maps.

The point I'm getting at is you can't deem the quality on a title based on some number.

The 6 maps in TF2 are indeed a low number count, but the quality in the game was ridiculous and one of the deepest FPS games I've ever played in my life. What I'm saying is why cheat yourself out of what could be a great experience, due to a number? I just don't buy that 14 is this really low number, I'm sorry but its not really low, its actually quite average for a FPS.

My point is only regarding its maps when first released. Many don't' want to acknowledge that but I became a TF2 fan when it released off of 6 maps.

Quality over quantity, I don't base the games I play, based on some set number, at the end of the it fun? That is the sole reason someone should be buying a game to play.

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ChronoJoe1124d ago

They very clearly rushed this out to get a good launch window.

No chance I'm buying this. The game is only okay anyway, with a lot of issues beyond the lack of content that put me off. Best feature I would say is that the core gunplay is very solid, but that's really the bare minimum you should expect anyway.

Bimkoblerutso1124d ago

I don't think it being rushed is the real issue. It feels like a lot of content was intentionally left out for DLC. It's been a long time since I've played a multiplayer shooter that was this bare-bones.

Definitely nailed the Star Wars feel, but it's so bittersweet when you hit that seven or eight hour mark and feel like you don't really need to play anymore.

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