Breakdown: Identifying With Squall Leonhart

Tony Brasel of Gaming Rebellion details why he found so much about the character of Squall Leonhart of Final Fantasy VIII to identify with while playing the game as an adolescent.

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Godmars2901098d ago

But confusing, if not disappointing, game. At least after he took an icicle in the shoulder.

-Foxtrot1098d ago

Not really

Story always have confusing elements or plot holes in FF games

And the game is anything but disappointing, it was better then FF8 in my opinion. Graphics, music, character development, world, summons, opening scene, theme song etc

The way they transformed Squall over the four discs into a completely different person who has become better from his journey was amazingly done

DEATHxTHExKIDx1098d ago

I still say he did a 180 falling in love with Rinoa.

PhoenixUp1098d ago

I find Zidane Tribal to be the most relatable character among the Final Fantasy lead roles.