Short Pause Podcast #49: Nintendo's Direct, Fallout 4's Big Week, R6 Siege's Disgusting Season Pass

Short Pause: "Boyce is still out sick, but Bender's back this week to join Brent and Frankie to talk the latest and greatest in the world of gaming. The topics this week include:

- Nintendo Direct Returns - Nintendo held its first post-Satoru Iwata (RIP) Direct presentation, officially unveiling The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, release dates for Star Fox Zero and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. Was this Direct the home run fans have been waiting for, or did the presentation fail to impress?

- The New Xbox One Experience is Live - Xbox One gets its new user interface, and backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 is now a reality for all. Is the New Xbox One Experience a marked improvement over what came before?

-Rainbow Six: Siege's Disgusting Season Pass Detailed - Ubisoft has finally lifted the cover on what's included in the Siege season pass, and the results are less than stellar.

- Plus, this week's new releases, what we've been playing, and much, much MORE!

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TheDude791099d ago

I was really disappointed with the Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass, even though the writing was kind of already on the wall when they announced all the maps and modes would be free to all uses (which I agree with, keep the community connected). However, I joked that the season pass would probably included additional Situations that players could play through but now that I know just how weak this season pass is, I would've been thrilled about additional Situations! I still hope this game is able to deliver next month, I absolutely love Tom Clancy tactical shooters, but an undercooked beta and a weak ass season pass leave me concerned for the overall quality of this product. Fingers crossed.

tazmeah1099d ago

I thought the Nintendo Direct was pretty good actually, even though there was way more focus on amiibo than I would've like. The add-on to Tri-Force Heroes sounds really good, and I'm still holding out hope that Star Fox Zero will be much better than most are suggesting I will be. And It sounds like I really need to pick up Fallout 4 because I've yet to talk to one person who says it's a bore. Going to be a busy winter for gamers!

_-EDMIX-_1099d ago

If you loved Fallout 3, or NV, you will love Fallout 4, tons of fun!