Are Open-World Games The Next Military Shooter?

Who doesn’t love a grand expansive open-world where you can do just about anything and go just about anywhere and treat the game world as your own personal sandbox? With each year it seems that more and more games opt for this design and now there are so many open-world games that one really has to choose your games a lot more carefully, in order to have time to play through them all. It is very reminiscent of how games like the excellent CoD: Modern Warfare ushered in a wave of military shooters back in 2007, which lead to what many perceived as an oversaturation of the shooter market. Is the same true for open-world games these days?

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FiLTHY ESKiMO1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

This wouldn't be such a problem if the open-world game's had substance. There are a lot of games that are open but empty and more time and effort could be spend in working on game-play, graphics, or even story. But unfortunately a lot of people are just making games open-world to try win over a bigger audience....

so yea.... the open-world game are, at least, becoming he next military shooter.

edit: this clearly is not an opinion piece... it is just an article that highlights some poor decisions made by developers and their publishers.

CoyoteHunter1094d ago

Maybe try reading the N4G guidelines:

Opinion Piece: Use this for subjective or speculative journalism. (all media formats).

Article: Use this for objective and informative journalism that is not considered news.

The fact that the title is a subjective question gives a pretty good indication that it is an opinion piece.

BullyMangler1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

One of the beautiful things about Zelda games,

is that they always have some sort of side quest attraction, that is so well made,

that even inspires old players to re-connect their old nintendo systems, just to pay a visit.

Nintendo many years ago

realized the problem

with vast solo lands. And has already promised gamers,

something game changing with Zelda wiiU.

That will change the way in which open world games are traversed.

besides, even if Zelda wiiU turns out to be a (big, yet empty) game,

nintendo already said that, zelda wiiU, will be true cell shaded, REal H.D. and in 1080p 60fps . .

= worth putting on just to show off to non gamers, sony fanpies and microsoft fanboys beyond gorgeous graphics like never before invented.

even IF empty and lifeless.

joab7771094d ago

Maybe...but I'd love an open world military shooter lol. Imagine something like the sabeteur (very underarted) and bad company mixed.

The problem is that open world games should take longer than a yr to make. Games like Fallout, Skyrim, TW3, Red Dead can be amazing games. Others choose to pump them out w stupid repeatable quests that bore the hell out of me. Ie. AC, Far Cry, and even Infamous. We need more dynamic open world games in which actions actually affect the world around you.

I do think that Ghost Recon and Horizon look pretty damn good, so we will see. And I adore Fallout 4.

This is also why games like Dark Souls stand out. Not fully open world, but intricate complex environments w fantastic deep lore, and brutal challenging but rewarding combat equals near perfection.

rjason121094d ago

Yeah and who knows what Nintendo is cooking up with the legend of Zelda Wii U. That will be their first really big open world game, and the developers have stated that they are trying new things never before tried in it.

Segata1094d ago

Zelda on NES is open world. Metroid NES is open world so is Super Metroid. Xenoblade,XCX. Nintendo is not new to them.

rjason121094d ago

That's why I said their first "really big open world game" and one that an internal big Nintendo staff is making.

Segata1094d ago

Not really. Military shooters are limited to just that. Open world you can do about anything you want in designing it. XCX while big the other half of the game you can't discover til you have a Skell which is exploring the world vertically. You can fly high into an otherwise unreachable ball thing in the sky and see a cave and fly in and a huge Dragon awaits you. Fly over a volcano and find more inside that way. Not to mention the world is very alien. Not standard fair. Zelda U looks to make the world truly alive. Birds fly out of the grass when near. Wild horses and goats. Swaying grass. While nothing special until you see how many open world games truly feel alive. Most are empty but vast. Most serve as a background for the sake of it. These are examples of changing and evolving how they are made and the possibilities are endless. Military shooter can only be a variation of the same subject.

slappy5081094d ago

Id rather have open world games than military shooters if you ask me (provided it's well made)

Ck1x1094d ago

As long as it's done right, open world games are a much better transition for the future of gaming than military shooters.

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