Letting Go of the Last Generation

Jordan says, "When the PS4 and Xbox One were first announced, I was about as disinterested as one could be.

Sure, I was a gamer, and was excited to have new hardware and new games on the shelves. But I was also a college student with a bad habit of collecting dozens and dozens of games on Xbox 360 and PS3. To me, it didn’t seem necessary to upgrade. Nay, I would even venture to say it seemed entirely pointless; what with all the biggest titles such as Call of Duty: Ghosts and Shadow of Mordor making their debuts on last gen hardware as well as the new consoles. They might be a little rough looking, but I was absolutely positive that I would be set for years with almost all of the same quality titles as those who bought the new systems."

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KiwiViper851126d ago

I find it weird that you go through so many nostalgic moments on 360, yet you bought a PS4...

All your favourite games that you can't part with, all the DLC tied to your account, the 360 is not currently connected to a tv... Backwards Compatibility.

Might boot up the 360 to revisit a Halo campaign... Halo: MCC (in 1080p 60fps no less) and Halo5 just released if you didn't notice.

brando0081125d ago

I'm still playing through my vast backlog on PS3, while the PS4 library keeps growing. At this point there are so many next-gen games that I want to play, that I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place on which direction to go. Oh well, quite a nice problem to have haha