The Entire Roster of The King Of Fighters 14 has Possibly Leaked

A list of the possible full roster has found its way online. Now what makes this rumor very interesting, and probably true, is the fact that it has appeared unnoticed on forums and social media back in February. This was of course before we even knew that the game was in production.

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dead_pixels1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

No real surprises there, unfortunately. I was hoping to see more Mark of the Wolves characters on the roster. Nokoruru is a nice bonus, though.

ChronicPsycho1095d ago

Amazing. Ps4 truly is the best console for fighting game this gen. Good job sony.

Hoffmann1095d ago

The roster looks awesome, the leak however is quite old already, just nobody believed it could be real until we saw Chang oehan in the 2nd trailer and he looked like he was described in the leak.

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Knushwood Butt1095d ago

Looks like a pretty good roster with plenty of new faces.

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