Heroes of the Storm designer: Tips for winning with Cho’gall, the new 2-player Ogre

Cho’gall, a two-headed Ogre, will worm his way through Heroes of the Storm today like a virus, and Blizzard Entertainment designer Kent-Erik Hagman wants you to be ready.

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ColManischewitz1120d ago

Cho'gall sounds like a hoot. This may cause me to give Heroes another chance.

darkronin2291120d ago

I tried Cho'gall at BlizzCon. He's really fun! You really have to coordinate with whoever you're playing as.

I saw two guys who were shouting at each other because they couldn't agree on what to do with him =p

Perjoss1120d ago

Reminds me a bit of playing a tank in Battlefield, 1 person drives and the other controls the turret.