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Jason Faulkner writes:"Star Wars: Battlefront continues the massive build-up of new Star Wars content leading to the release Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It is the successor to the original Star Wars: Battlefront and its sequel Star Wars: Battlefront II, and like those titles, it takes the Battlefield formula to the Star Wars universe. Star Wars: Battlefront II did this already, with its combination of frantic infantry-based firefights, meaty vehicular action, and options for space-based combat. In fact Battlefront II got the formula so right, it seemed all EA had to do was tweak the system fans already adored a bit to bring it up to modern standards and rake in the cash. So what went wrong?"

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lipton1011120d ago

I love how these little sites publish their reviews late in the day. I bet they watch the scores roll in all day before deciding how low they can go to generate some clicks.

spicelicka1120d ago

I don't think anyone is obligated to publish it at the beginning of the day. You could say the same about sites publishing early in the day, so they can get clicks while more people are online.

seanpitt231120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

I don't think they are doing it for the clicks I just think it's the game now. Way to many sites have given this game low scores due to the fact it's not a full game they have split this game in 2 and charged $110 for it. I was going to buy it 100% before the beta played the beta for 10 hours it got boring but only had 2 maps etc and I thought well it could be a great game if there was more depth to it and having played the beta I had my fears but I was still 80% sure I was going to buy it.

But now the reviews have come and my worse fears have been realised EA split this game into 2 to get more money out of us we should get the other map packs and heros/modes for free due to the fact it has no campaign. I don't mind it having no campaign if there is enough content on the MP side of things but sadly its a game after 10 hours you will be bored of.

At least rainbow six noted with being MP only they are giving free map packs and extras with the game it really does makes me sad.

newagenoir1120d ago

Actually, we only got final review code in at about 8 PM EST last night. I had played the game thoroughly on EA Access and through the beta, but I felt as though it was better to spend the day playing the final code and coming to a more educated and firm conclusion than just throwing up the review at embargo because that's what's expected.

Rookie_Monster1120d ago

Great review. Don't worry about the attack as it happens a lot here. Keep doing what you are doing. BtW, totally agreed with all your point from someone that had played it on EA Access.

Elda1120d ago

So glad I passed on buying this game.

Storm Shadow NF1120d ago

This reminds me of how people said the order was bad and it is a great game. I stop listening to reviews along time ok. The game journalism industry has become a joke !!!! Click bait and negativity have taken over for brains !!! I love how most all the people who write reviews never even play games anymore they don't even have time. Honestly Star Wars is easily the best multiplayer game out and graphically it is phenomenal. It is just fun, what a game should be. These same idiots with low scores say COD is good this year !!!! Hahaha a recycled mess. Not to mention most all gaming sites are getting kick backs for writing positive or negative reviews and that is why I judge for myself or actually watch people play the game on twitch. Star Wars is amazing period. So many people upset that they will be adding so much dlc and charging money but destiny charges people for emotes !!! Hahahaha

newagenoir1120d ago

I'm not sure how this is clickbait as I felt it was a fair review of the game and a fair score given the issues I had with it. Also, I can assure you we receive no compensation for review scores, positive or negative, and engage in absolutely no paid editorial.

However, you are entitled to your opinion and I hope you have fun with the game if you feel it's right for you.

spicelicka1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

"Honestly Star Wars is easily the best multiplayer game out"

That is easily not true, Halo 5 is a better multiplayer game competitively and gameplay-wise. And there are plenty of other games that can stack up. The shooting feels like you're playing with toy guns, there's no balancing of any kind, and the vehicle controls are clunky. It all looks amazing visually but not real substance.

Andou can't assume the reviewer likes COD, and no one is saying it's OK for Destiny to charge for emotes, it's gotten a lot of backlash.

I've been playing it for about 8 hours on EA access, it's great fun. Personally I'd give it a 7 but I can see why some would give it a 6. The main reason it deserves a low score is because it just doesn't have content. You can make an amazing game with amazing graphics, make it 5 hours long, but then you can't charge $60 for it and then another $50 for the rest of it. These games need to be reviewed according to their value, doesn't matter that "star wars is amazing period". That only shows you're biased just because it's star wars.

Magnes1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

Remember how all these sites gave Destiny low scores with its popularity makes you wonder what the point of a game review is anymore. Everyone streaming SW BF on twitch and I'm talking long time streamers that are real gamers are raving about how fun it is, smh. Reviews are like vhs tapes they used to serve a purpose.

343_Guilty_Spark1120d ago

I don't think this game is worth anything about a 6/10.

TXIDarkAvenger1120d ago

Almost bought into the hype, glad I didn't.

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