Bloodborne: The Old Hunters PS4 Gameplay Showcases Simon’s Bowblade in Action

Today, during a livestream on Nico Nico, Sony Computer Entertainment showcased a batch of gameplay of Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, that will be released as a DLC expansion on the 24th.

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Chaos_Raiden1034d ago

Really excited about this.

MeteorPanda1034d ago

totally using the bowblade - looks so much fun and finally a different style to just a massive f**k off weapon swinging.

JMaine5181034d ago

Wow this looks great. Going to pre-load this today.

Tdmd1034d ago

Bowblade is love!! Want it! Want it now!! :D

weirdo1034d ago

still to beat those pesky priest type boss dudes in forbidden forest (trying since day one) doesn't help that i sold my upgraded weapon by accident and it now takes me ages to down normal enemies :(

littlezizu1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

Try to farm items in chalice dungeon so you can upgrade weapon also get new weapon. i do that so i can more weapons so i can change my style according to enemy.

littlezizu1034d ago

Also fight is very easy if you summon someone. You can beat them also solo just use those huge rock to block long range guy while you take on two guy chasing you. If you summon someone the two guys will likely go after summoned player while you take on flame throwing guy.

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