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Gabs from GamersFTW writes: Without Within 2 is a short visual novel unafraid to provide a simplistic yet relatable plot line, with realistic characters. While the art style could be considered basic, it perfectly matches the tone of the story and attitude of the main character with its cute, almost childish, take on the real-world. It is ultimately an unassuming title that makes for a pleasant two hours of reading.

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HRD_Games1096d ago

I tend to prefer Visual Novels to have lots of choices, but if the story is nicely focused, it can sometimes pay off to cut them out.

Yukes1096d ago

Limiting interaction is risky because it places more onus on the story to be good.

MrsNesbitt1096d ago

I prefer choices in these.

Heyxyz1096d ago

Loved the original, so I'll check it out. Didn't even know there was a sequel.