The 7 Best Star Wars Games Ranked

There have been plenty of Star Wars games over the years, but only a few are truly great. Which ones are they?

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Crispyleeks1099d ago

No love for Episode 1: Pod Racing on N64? I'm so surprised...not!

GigawattConduit1099d ago not have many good memories with the short time I played of that game.

Crispyleeks1099d ago

I just remember quoting Anakin- "NOW THIS... IS POD RACING!"

Xspawn691099d ago

Where's dark forces. That's the best star wars game period.

SegaGamer1099d ago

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy was so much fun, i hate the Rancor levels though, especially the first one. You would be saving prisoners and then all of a sudden some giant Rancor comes out of nowhere and chases you, scaring the crap out of you at the same time :p

DasTier1099d ago

Ahhh the amazing times with:

Republic Commando
Star Wars Episode 1 Podracing
Battlefront II

GigawattConduit1099d ago

I spent stupid long amounts of time playing Battlefront 2 by myself. Even without online, I had a ton of fun just cycling through the missions that game had.

Solid_Penguin-641099d ago

Guess it was cast out of the list...

I'm not sorry xD

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