First Star Wars Battlefront Expansion Arrives Early 2016

DICE's Star Wars Battlefront today, but already EA has shared that the game's first expansion pack will be released in early 2016.

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Agent_00_Revan1093d ago

Oh hell no! See this is the exact bs we all were worried about. 2 weeks!? Don't you dare tell me that content wasn't just cut straight from the game and should have been included.

As painful as it is to turn down a sequel I've been waiting 10 years for, I have to pass at least until they release the 'full' game.

EverydayJoe1093d ago

Two weeks? You and I have different calendars.

WeAreLegion1092d ago

The game went gold weeks ago. Since then, they've been working on new content.

Grave1093d ago

Holding back content - Confirmed.

AnotherProGamer1092d ago

Are you stupid? How do you come to that conclusion? If they were holding back content they wouldnt wait till 2016 to give it to consumers