Games of 2016: 5 That Will Be Amazeballs, 5 That Will Be Just Balls

2015 has had something for everyone. But what’s coming next? Which games of 2016 will melt our collective faces? What’s going to suck our will to live?

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Digital_Anomaly978d ago

Hahahaha.... best title EVER.

MercilessDMercer978d ago

I openly laughed when I read this!

uptownsoul977d ago

I can't wait for Horizon:Zero Dawn...That game will be UNBELIEVABLE!!!

GrapesOfRaf977d ago

Yup, pretty excited about all of these. Even Gears of War, might have to borrow an XB1 to play it.

voodoopickle977d ago

I agree with scalebound. The hero just seems annoying. The game looks , but that's about it.

syotos77977d ago

I'm sorry, but I played in the closed alpha for For Honor, and it had the best combat of any game I've played in my lifetime. I only got to play as one class on one map and still enjoyed it for hours. It's also worth mentioning that the closed alpha version was more polished than most ubi games final releases to date. Don't count this one out.

Paulhammer977d ago

Great! Glad you were impressed. I haven't been up to this point, but believe me I WANT to be wrong about these games being bad.

syotos77977d ago

Did you get the chance to try it?

Paulhammer977d ago

@syotos: I have not had my hands on a controller for For Honor. Stood behind plenty of folks playing at E3 though. It's the premise of the thing that concerns me, like it could be super shallow, much like Battlefront.

sullynathan977d ago

Yup, I like how this idiot just assumes that those games will be good or bad for those weak reasons.

UserNameIsNotTaken977d ago

He played them? o.o
He must be special! D:

Paulhammer977d ago

Some I've played, some I haven't.

Paulhammer977d ago

Glad you disagree. What makes you think I'm wrong?

For the record, I hope they're all great. My first hand experience with all of the above up until now are how I decided on this list.

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The story is too old to be commented.