Five reasons why the Microsoft Mojave Experiment is flawed

gadget zone writes: "Mojave is Microsoft's latest advertising campaign to try and get more people using Windows Vista. It's a step in a different direction for Microsoft advertising campaigns. The hype, criticism, and humour regarding Microsoft's infamous 'Mojave Experiment' has been analysed, and from this gadget zone offers an overview of Microsoft's unique marketing strategy."

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Ronnie073781d ago

Funny, as we speak i'm formatting my laptop to put XP back on

dnf273781d ago

you certainly wouldn't have been the first to do this!

aaquib53781d ago

It's Microsoft...I dont know how you could expect any more *cough* Vista, Zune, XFLOP, LIVE search *cough*

sorry, Im having a weird cough today. *cough* weird like Steve Ballmer and his goons *cough*

OK your a goon, but what's a goon to a goblin?

krakdol3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

With Zune, RROD, Vista, Windows Millenium and Yahoo bid failure, MS should rename to 'The Failure Company'.

zonetrooper53781d ago

Vista is working for me alright, actually like it more than XP tbh, lots of features which area pretty cool and helpful.

krakdol3781d ago

Which feature ? Do you work for MS ?

The main feature is it's 30 % slower than XP and most games don't work under Vista. So ok, they can keep it.

joemayo763781d ago


"the main feature is its 30% slower than XP" - quote of the month, classic bro

but yea im done with vista had to reinstall 2 times in a month due to OS probs, so yea time to dig out that XP disc if i can find it...

joemayo763781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

and my copy of diablo 2 gos a lil haywire once and a while on vista :S

BlueRevolvuR3781d ago

cuz i just got a mac tat is way better than Vista!!!!!!!!!!!

I Make Stuff Up3781d ago

We now have 3 at home. They really are awesome for what we need.

dommafia3781d ago

yeah -_- ....

I finally decided to stop dual booting to xp after vista SP1. There's no going back to XP. Vista is just as fast as XP ATM. I haven't had a single problem running DIABLO 2, RED ALERT 3 BETA, QUAKE WARS, ENEMY TERRITORY, COD 4, BIOSHOCK, WARSOW, PREY, STALKER. I think that most people having problems with vista are those that have a sub par system.

It's like wanting to run WIN XP with your WIN95 ready system.

zonetrooper53781d ago

Are you using the vanilla version of Vista or the one which got the service pack 1 update?

Also you can run certain software such as games in Vista under compatabilty mode, as for it being slower than XP well its not as slow as 30% and yes Vista does have flaws but its actually isn't that bad. Plus your avatar, Im guessing you don't like Windows or MS, either one.

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