The Curious Case of Color a Dinosaur

Retrovolve writes: "In 1992, Nintendo released Mario Paint, an art studio for the Super Nintendo. With a click of the game’s included mouse, players could draw intricate images, create custom stamps, and even animate their own cartoons. The title even included a music generator, which is used to compose tunes to this day.

One year later, Virgin Games published a NES game called “Color a Dinosaur.""

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LG_Fox_Brazil1097d ago

That was a curious story. Pretty cool

MasterCornholio1097d ago

JBL console anyone?

Yeah that piece of crap was way worse then this.

nesiguess1096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

color a dinosaur for the NES actually commands a decent price these days...50 bucks or so I think. check that 100 bucks...

contradictory1096d ago

Really interesting to read what the developers of old awful games went on to do hehe