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After Star Wars Battlefront was the first title announced for EA’s 10 year partnership with Disney, we all got excited. You have to admit that the first teaser trailer made you want to see gameplay. Then we got glimpses of Endor and really got pumped. Then the time came to finally play the game and all that excitement bursts open with joy as all the sweet Star Wars sound effects and visuals fill your room, but then it fades. It fades so fast that you might even take the game out and return to one of the many other titles released at the same time.

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darklordzor1097d ago

Honestly, this is pretty much everything I feared would be the issue. I'm still going to pick it up, and have fun with the Fighter Squadron mode, but bummed that it's not as good as it could have been.

Soldierone1097d ago

I feared that'd it play too much like Battlefield, but honestly I'd take that approach over what we got. Battlefield has a lot of depth and a lot of things to keep you going. Battlefront is basically stripped of all of that and has no purpose.

Anthotis1097d ago

I feared people would acknowledge the game is sub par and incomplete with extortionate cut content, but would be dumb enough to buy it anyway.


darklordzor1097d ago

Ha! As a Star Wars collector, it was inevitable that I was going to pick it up anyway. This may delay the purchase, however.

scientificreasoning1097d ago

3.4? LOL what a dumb score why not just go with 3.5? What's the difference between a 3.4 and 3.5 score? Numbered scores are inherently dumb.

kraenk121097d ago

The difference is 3.4 is a little bit less. Glad I could help you out.

Antifan1097d ago

It's pretty much Scientific reasoning lol

Peace_Love_and_FPS1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

Some websites use actual making criteria, like a checklist which generates the score. Kind of ridiculous to just give it a number off gut feeling without anything that properly judges a game.

Ironic, its actually scientific reasoning.

Immorals1097d ago

Regretfully, I've gotta agree with this review.

I was blown away for the first hour or two, then it sunk in that there's not much to the game. Such a disappointment, glad EA Access gave me a chance to play the game before I made up my mind!

Rookie_Monster1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

Perfect assessment of the review. Pretty much how I felt with my time with it on Access.