Are Fanboys Destined to Rule the World?

Fanboy behavior might be encoded in our DNA, but obnoxious fanboy behavior probably isn't.

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AngelicIceDiamond1004d ago

Probably they already took over smaller gaming forums and communities.

Eonjay1004d ago

No. They make up an incredibly small part of gamers at large.
Consumers rule the industry. Always have, always will.

1004d ago
gangsta_red1004d ago

You'll really only find this type of behavior online.

In the real world it's very uncommon.

freshslicepizza1004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

i would hope so. never met anyone who considered themselves a nintendo supporter or a xbox supporter or a playstation supporter. i have many friends who say they like playstation games and nintendo games and xbox games. gaming is a medium, not some loyalty

once you start identifying yourself as a certain brand gamer you're already gone and removed from reality.

KwietStorm1004d ago

Not the world, but unfortunately the interwebs.

Lennoxb631004d ago

No. They only ruin the perception of gamers as a whole.

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