Star Wars Battlefront is the lowest-rated in the series so far

Star Wars Battlefront has been rated on average as the worst game in the series, and sits alongside Star Wars The Force Unleashed on an average review score of 73 on review-aggregating site Metacritic.

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ArchangelMike1120d ago

Lets hope EA/DICE get the message that skimping on content will not be condoned by the gaming community. I guess the boys at DICE will miss out on their '90+ metacritic rating bonus' Hopefully this will make them actually include worthwhile content in the DLC.

Crimzon1120d ago

"Lets hope EA/DICE get the message that skimping on content will not be condoned by the gaming community"

Unfortunately that doesn't work if people go out and buy the DLC anyways. They ruin things for the rest of us unfortunately, since they send a clear message to developers that there is a market out there for people who will pay through the nose for this kind of thing.

nX1120d ago

I think it's almost 10 years now since the first time I told somebody to not buy EA games anymore... funny how things haven't substantially changed since then.

TwoForce1120d ago

It's EA. They maybe listen to the consumer, but no they just want your money. I always EA from beginning. I will never forget what they done to my favorite game and developers.

Perjoss1120d ago

Oh EA listen, the problem is they only speak cha-ching.

solar1120d ago

Haha. EACH listen to the consumer. That's rich. We both know we don't matter. Only the pocket books.

joab7771120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

We will see after the sales are counted. Most ppl that buy it aren't reading N4G and just want it.

They know what it was like for Destiny and did it anyway. Just as Activision has tarnished Bungie's name, EA is doing the same to DICE. Both games are top notch quality, for what they offered at launch. Just a little light on content.

Both games were definitely rushed.

Genuine-User1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

I'm buying my copy this week; sorry gamers but I had a blast playing the beta. However, the season pass will have to wait until it's down to £15-20.

Farsendor11120d ago

Battlefront 2 campaign was below average i'm not sure people would really want Dice to make a Star Wars campaign. Look at Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4.

SpinalRemains1381119d ago

Money talks, not Metacritic.

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amnalehu1120d ago

Lowest rated but the most fun I have had playing any game in a long time.

DeToX4201120d ago Show
Tobsesan1119d ago

You must be a sad Person

UserNameIsNotTaken1120d ago

Not surprising considering EA made it.

TwoForce1120d ago

Well, that happen when you make a deal with a devil.

MasterCornholio1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

Just shows how slimy EA can be and yet some people praise them.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1120d ago

Considering EA only got the Star Wars licence in May 2013, this game was clearly rushed. I love the Battlefield series by DICE.

But this game, firstly I was excited to hear DICE making the game, then when the gameplay dropped i lost all the excitement. Then played the beta and it was crystal clear that this game was rushed. The gameplay is shallow, very 'pew pew' as they say and the design decisions to make heroes and vehicles pickups on the map was a fail from conception.

After playing the beta I knew i wont be spending a penny on this game and will wait for Battlefield 5.

Only thing I want DICE to take from this game is the Menu UI which i think is far better an faster than Battlelog.

Neixus1120d ago

Lets hope they improve the sequel to this as much as they did with bf3 -> bf4.

Salooh1120d ago

That's what i was thinking. I am not a fan of star wars and i played the beta and didn't like it. But it's clear that they just need to make the game deep. More content, balancing stuff and maybe it will be fun like Battlefield with it's own taste.

Tobsesan1119d ago

That game was the reason bf4 came out buggy and now its Low on content

_LarZen_1120d ago

It's going to sell like crazy. Beta was a blast, picking it up tomorrow.

amnalehu1120d ago

I think the people who are the most critical of the game have never played it. It the best Battlefront I have played.

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